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For Mother's Day


She is not hidden, silent or withdrawn.
She is there, if I seek Her.

She is in the craggy mountain peaks,
Snow covered, tree lined majesty.
I see her in the brilliant blue of sky,
She lives in the curve of my body,
And, the soft lines on my face.

I hear her voice in the song of wind
Lifting poplar leaves.
She is in the call of hawks, grand and resonant,
She echoes in the sweet, simple sound
of my child’s laughter.

I smell her when the breeze
Carries the scent of spring,
Cherry blossoms, lilacs, petunias.
She is there in fall,
In the crisp air, the fragrance of earth preparing to rest,
The taste of tart apples, sweet plums,
A bountiful harvest.
She is in the taste of salty tears
Filled with sorrow or joy.

I feel her in the cool of rain on my skin,
In the warm sun, the tingle of breeze,
A lover’s touch.
She is in my heart, each and every beat,
I feel her reflected in the love I have
For family, friends,

She is not hidden, silent or withdrawn,
She is everywhere and everything…