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Living in a State of Denial

Do you think if I ignore it long enough, that pile of laundry will just go away?
I'm much too busy reading agent blogs and
'how to write a query letter' sites to even consider folding. Maybe my kids will do it.
Oh, well. Back to the blogs.

This Week....

Do you remember this show? We watched it in reruns (I'm not quite that old.) and loved it. I always wished my mom could wiggle her nose and *BAM* the house would magically be clean. Yeah, now I wish I could do that.
This week is International Magic Week. Kinda funny that just this morning, Taz asked me if magic is real. I told him no. "So why did they make it up?" Good question. Maybe because we all wish we could do something without any effort. Wave a wand and ta-da- done!
So, in honor of this week's celebration, I'm going to try some magic. I'm going to make 5 pounds disappear!
Ala-ca-dabra, hocus pocus!(wave of my wand) Bibbity-bobbity-boo!

I'll let you know how it worked. What would you do if you were magically inclined?

Faith, Hope, and Family

We all watched with bated breath as those miners were brought to safety in Chile. When the last miner got out, they asked him what helped him survive. He said, "Faith, hope and family." I thought that those three words were incredibly profound considering the situation he'd been in. None of us will ever be trapped thousands of feet below ground, but we do all have our times when life is dark, gloomy and lonely.
This has made me think alot about the events of this week. My friend's daughter died as a result of complications after a simple ankle surgery. Her daughter is married and has a 7 month-old baby girl. She has joined her dad and I'm sure they had a wonderful reunion. Those left behind, though, are sad, and overwhelmed with the prospect of finishing their time here without her. The miner's words have application for all us in our lives.

Faith- It's one of the 'first four principles' of the gospel and something we talk about pretty much from th…

Pardon my ramblings

When my daughter was 18 months old, my sister's friend lost her 18 month-old to a brain tumor. I had met this friend maybe twice, had never even seen the baby. But, as mothers, I guess, we were linked. The night after I'd heard the baby died, after the house was quiet and everyone asleep, I crept into the bathroom. There, on the floor next to the tub, I sobbed and sobbed. I wrote in my journal (long before blogs) and worked through my grief. I have no idea how long I was there. Empathy is a powerful thing. In our attempts to become like the Savior, this is one attribute that is difficult. Not in aquiring it, just the feeling of it. I've often wondered how our Heavenly Parents can handle all the grief and sadness their children experience everyday. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that they are gods and that they have an eternal perspective. For us in our frail human state, this emotion can be overwhelming. My friend is losing her daughter today. She was a …

Recapturing Beauty

BYU's Women's Dept. is having a campaign called, Recapturing Beauty. I saw a bit about it this morning while I was laying on my bed with the stomach flu feeling anything but beautiful. They started it off last week with a speech by Stephanie Nielson, which I wish I could've gone to. Anyway, they have a web site and are starting a 10-Day Challenge that I'm going to do. If you're interested, you can go here. Join me. Maybe we'll all feel more beautiful.

This Week

Did you know that every week has some 'theme'? Days, too. Like today, October 9th is Leif Erikson Day- no kidding. The second week in March is National Procrastination Week, but, then, woudn't we put off observing that till the third week? I'm all for having more themes to my life, so let's start with this week.
It's National Oraganizing Week. In observance of this.....
... I organized my diet Coke.
(A girl has to have her priorities.)

What will you organize?

As I Have Loved You...

Love One Another.I learned a great lesson on Saturday. My two oldest sons were going to homecoming. They had two other couples in their group. Richie had asked a girl I know and like alot. Chip asked a girl from school. I helped him make a cake and saw the balloons she brought to answer. He'd said she was 'in the group' he hangs out with at lunch. Ok. So, on Saturday, I went to their friend's house where they were having dinner to bring some food and take some pictures. I was surprised when I saw Mary, Chip's date. I'm not sure how to say this being politically correct. She was obviously different from the other kids. (I asked him later if she's in special ed. He said he thought so, but wasn't sure. ) I watched these 8 kids as they played games and had dinner, talking and teasing the way teenagers do. Mary was a little shy, but not so much that she missed out on anything. I was impressed by the way they all included Mary and acted as though she were no …

Baby, Baby

This morning, on the radio, I heard Amy Grant's song, "Baby, Baby". That song came out when I was pregnant with my first, Chip. I have a distinct memory of driving home from work one day and that song came on. Since I was finally still after a morning of interpreting, Chip was happily moving around in my extended tummy. I put my hand on my belly and sang at the top of my lungs. I was soooo happy to be having a baby. That was 18 years ago. My baby is taller than I'd ever imagined he'd be. He's an independent senior in high school. He has a date for homecoming tomorrow. He's not a baby anymore. But, when he's sick, I'm still his mommy. I can still take care of him, making breakfast, bringing him Gatorade and his medicine. I worry about him and still get those 'oh-my-gosh-I-hope-its-not-serious moments, especially when he gets ENORMOUS hives all over his body. Life goes on and many things change. The love of a mother never does.
When I took thes…