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Christmas Returns

In the 'after-Christmas' tradition, I would like
to return the weight I gained this year.
Anyone know where that customer service
department is located?

Merry. Christmas.

With all the push for 'political correctness' at this time of year, there's something I need to say.
Merry Christmas
I don't understand why this is so offensive. I would say it to anyone. Whether you're Christian, Jew, Muslim or atheist. When I say it, I'm not saying, "Ooh, I hope you're Christian, too." That's not what this holiday is about. We're celebrating the birth of a Man whose life was about love and giving. I truly believe that Santa came from that, the spirit of giving. Why do you suppose we all feel so good this time of year? With all the commercialism, rush and stress aside, we're all thinking, really focusing, on giving to each other. Maybe if we focused on that throughout the year, thinking, "What could I give to my child, or spouse, or neighbor?", we'd be happier all the time.
Jesus Christ gave everyday and in the end, He gave, literally, all that He had. He loved everyone, it didn't matter what religio…

The Family Tree

If we ever had a fire and I could only grab one thing (assuming my family was safe) I would take my laptop. If I had time for one more, it would be the Christmas ornaments. I know, I know, grab the pictures. Thing is, my pictures are spread throughout the house and garage and I could never get them all. The ornaments are in one place and they are, in themselves, a scrapbook of our family. The kids each have an ornament for each year of life-with their picture on it. We also have a family picture ornament for each year (19) that we've been married. Our oldest is 18, I'm not going to do the math, but it's ALOT of ornaments. So much that we've outgrown our tree. This one- has the kids' ornaments on it, including ones they've made over the years.
Our family tree is a small one in the front room. Someday I'll have another big one, I'm going to need it.
This is one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Sitting and looking at the tree. Remembering Christmas pa…

Temple Square

We took our young women to Temple Square to do baptisms today. None of them had ever been to the Salt Lake temple for this, so it was a real treat. Mother Nature cooperated, blanketing the city with a gorgeous Christmas snow. The temple workers asked the leaders if we would dress in white for the baptisms, which we did. I thought this was a unique opportunity for the girls to see us like that. Maybe I'm reading more into it, but there was a look in my daughter's eyes when she saw me. She admired the shiny fabric of my dress. I admire it, too. We ( the leaders) agreed that we feel beautiful in the temple. It isn't just the pretty dress, it's about being there in the house of the Lord. Perhaps for a little while we can see ourselves the way He sees us. It's the way we see the girls. Beautiful, amazing and full of promise. It's sad that as grown ups we need a reminder, but we do. The temple is a great place for that. It was also quite appropriate for the week of …

'Look' Day 3

Do you want to know one of my favorite things about Christmas-time? I know, you're waiting with bated breath. It's the doorbell. I already told you I'm not very social, so we don't have people coming over to visit. Our doorbell is pretty silent most of the time. When the holidays arrive, however, I get a few butterflies every time I hear it, because I know it might be a sweet neighbor gift. Tonight we got an ornament wrapped in a homemade hot pad. Like Malcom said, "It's two gifts in one!" Awesome! On to the decorations. The J* O* Y letters I made with my sister. They're really big and perfect
on top of my ledge in my front room. This is probably my favorite sleigh. (Wal-Mart special.)
Today found the baby and most of the animals on the roof of the nativity. Not sure how they got up there, but if you notice, Mary and Joseph look a bit upset.
On a more positive note, we found a new staff for the shepherd. He seems quite pleased.

'Look' Day 2

I made this advent when my teenagers were little. The kids love to put the hearts on the tree, also they like to take the caroler's hat off, which makes him bald. Then they call him Uncle Matt. (Who used to be bald.)
Who doesn't love snowmen? I have NO idea who gave me this one, but I adore him. He's made from an inside-out sock filled with beans. I could probably make one, but don't have to because I already have one. When you put a candle in this hat, it makes the coolest shadows.
Here's the latest in our nativity saga. I came downstairs and found that Mary had picked up the baby. Just in time as the lamb decided to climb into the manger. Joseph just looks like he doesn't know what to do.

It's Beginning to Look alot Like Christmas

I'm always so happy when I open up my boxes of Christmas decorations. It's our history of our family. And, I really love them. I'm pretty proud of them, too. I think they're great. I love the fact that they're a tradition my kids can count on and enjoy. Thing is, I'm not a terribly social person. I don't have parties or get-togethers at my house. Which means no one gets to see my super cute stuff. So, I thought I'd share some of them here. Ooh and aah at will. I bought this adorable nativity about 6 years ago from Avon. It's plastic and completely 'playable'. I'm totally impressed with myself that the only thing we've lost over the years is the shepard's staff. I love the fact that baby Jesus can lay in his manger or Mary can hold him. It's fun to see how the kids rearrange things over the season.
This sleigh started it all. We bought it as a decoration for our wedding reception. It cost about $20 and was a HUGE splurge for …

I Believe in Miracles

"I delight in the examples of those in the scriptures who walk by faith on their earthly journey. Each time I walk with Abraham and Isaac on the road to Mount Moriah, I weep, knowing that Abraham does not know that there will be an angel and a ram in the thicket at the end of that journey. We are each in the middle of our earthly path, and we don't know the rest of our own stories. But we, as Abraham, are blessed with miracles." Susan W. Tanner

Too often, I think of miracles in the 'Bible sense'. You know, water to wine and raising the dead. There are those miracles, I believe that with all my heart. But, if we are looking, miracles are happening almost daily. What the world would call 'coincidence' is very likely the hand of God in our lives.

I've had two such occurrences this week. Miracles. True blue miracles. I have sat in wonder as I've seen Him reach down and touch my life. Did I see His hand as the brother of Jared? Or a burning bush like Mo…

We Can Be Happy

"We can be happy, even when bad things happen to us." This quote was from sacrament meeting today, spoken by a young man who has had lots of 'bad things' happen in his life. I've often looked at him and wondered how he does it. He he has a maturity and testimony that is rare in one so young. He went on to say that trials bring blessings. He clarified this in a most profound way, "Our trials make us humble which helps us recognize our blessings." So well said. So, with the Christmas season upon us, I hope we can find a way to be happy, no matter what our circumstance.

Kindess for Kailie

This is Kailie and Bentley. Kailie is my friend's daughter. She passed away in October. Tomorrow (Saturday the 4th) is a silent auction to help Kailie's husband and little Bentley. It will be held at the Davis Conference Center, 800 Heritage Park Blvd. in Layton, from 12 to 2pm. It'll be a great place to do some Christmas shopping. There is also an account set up for them at America First Credit Union under the name "Kindness for Kailie and Bentley", if you feel so inclined. You can read more abou them here-