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One HOT Night

Seven women + one very hot guy
Not a weird polygamist get-together
Just an amazing girls night at the Tim McGraw concert.

Things I Learned This Week

Here are a few lessons learned this week-

When you send your husband and three boys to scout camp, you should not save your worry for the ones under 18.
Buying shoes for camp at DI is a very good idea. ($8 Nikes, not bad.)
A freshly sharpened ax will cut straight through $8 Nikes, skin and the tendon to your toe.
Taking your husband to the doctor is very different than taking your kids. (Did you realize your husband could answer for himself? Took me a while.)
If you sever the tendon to your second toe, your surgeon will give you the option of not having surgery, thus leaving you with a floppy toe for the rest of your life.
Men do not want to have any appendage on their body referred to as 'floppy'.

Hose on men- not sexy. Putting TED hose on your man- a little bit sexy.
A hospital can fancy-up their cafeteria with a cool name-Mountain View Cafe and Grill- but, it's still hospital food.
Having your husband home for a week is fun, having him home for a week in bed on Lortab, not so …

Someone to Watch Over Me

My two teenage boys tower over me. It sometimes seems strange to think of them as little, but then, it doesn't feel like that long ago. I remember well when they were in 1st grade and kindergarten. They walked to the bus each morning. I could see them as they went down our block, across a street and right up until they got to my friend, Kim's house. There, they would get their two friends and the four of them would go on to the bus stop. I would stand on my front step while they walked each morning. One day, Richie got down our street and looked back at me. "Mom, will you watch me?" I nodded and waved. Confident in the knowledge that I was watching, he went on. I've often thought of that day and how it parallels my life. I know that many times, I have looked heavenward and asked, 'Are you watching me?' We have an inherent need to know that we're being watched over, that someone cares. I'm grateful for the many instances in my life that have assure…

A Picture...

Image worth a thousand words......

If You're Happy and You Know It

Hold your breath,
Make a wish,
Count to three. I loved this movie as a kid, still do. To me, the idea of going into a room where everything is not only edible, but edible candy, was truly paradise. I thought that nothing would make me happier than having all the chocolate I could eat. As a grown-up, I could eat chocolate all day if I wanted. I now know that this would not make me happy. It would, in fact, make me sick. If you'd asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, other than being a chocolate taster, I would've said, "A mom." That's really all I desired. Be careful what you wish for.Just kidding. I love my job, really. But, as you know, it's a 24/7 occupation. My children do make me happy. Depending on the day, they also make me frustrated, angry, sad, and just plain tired. (I wonder if I have the same effect on my heavenly Mother? Probably.) I try to be patient and revel in the moments when I can get a break. (One of the reasons I love Young Womens- I …