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Survivor- Blood vs. Water

Yes, the new season of Survivor began last week. Yes, it was awesome. (And, yes, I'm a bit behind in my post about it.)

The twist for this season is loved ones. Ten players from past seasons returned with a loved one.  Here are some of the moments from the first episode.

Best non-Surprise- When Jeff informed the players that they wouldn't be on a tribe with their loved ones. Really? Did they not see that coming? This is Survivor, people. I think it's a great idea, make them battle their husbands/wives/daughters/fiances imagine the issues they could work out through mud-wrestling and swimming races.   The newbies tribe is Tadhana. The returning players, Galang.

Biggest Whiner- Seriously?They brought back Colton? He promised he was a changed man. I really felt for him when he was crying about the bullying he's endured because he's gay. To hear that even his family has treated him badly broke my heart. And, then, the challenge happened. First, he was lazy, paddling like…

Here's the Thing

Here's the thing...

The School Thing-I often hear people tell me how well-behaved my kids are. I've come to the conclusion that they are simply better for other people than for me (because they're beasts at home).  That idea was ripped to shreds last week when Noah got two 'behavior notices'.  On the same day.  It's gonna be a long year.

The Addiction Thing- Our local gas station put out the fixings for dirty diet Cokes. (diet Coke, fresh lime and coconut syrup).  Though I'd tried it once before and didn't like it much, I decided to give it another go. That was Thursday. On Friday night, when I accidentally knocked my dirty drink on the floor, I was much more upset about the drink than the books I'd gotten wet. Then, when I went on Saturday (third time in three days) I was incredibly disappointed to find they'd run out of the coconut syrup. May be time for an intervention. (Or to find some coconut syrup to keep at home.)

The Birthday Thing-  At din…

Friday Flashback

Today takes us back to 1968, 1971 and 1984. (And to the present with a toe pic.)

I must be two, or three? This is at my grandma's house. I'm not sure why, but taking a bath at Grandma's was a huge treat. Everything about her house was special, from the super-soft, furry, white couch, to the cereal cupboard filled with sugary concoctions never found at home.

L-R: My sister Ellen, Me and our friend, Karen. Where did I get that attitude? I was incredibly shy. Maybe because I was at home with Mom behind the camera. We lived in Mesa, Arizona, thus the tan and the bare feet. Seriously, we never wore shoes.

Fast forward a few years. This is a family portrait taken when I was a senior in high school. My parents are seated with Sarah on Mom's lap. Then, L-R:  Mitch, Marc, Heidi, Ellen, Me and Matt.  My parents are so young. My son, Max, is a clone of Mitch. Don't you love Matt's shirt? And, what about my big hair? Wow.

We've changed a bit, yes?

If you're gross…

God Bless America

God bless America

Land that I love

Stand beside her  And guide her

Through the night

With a light from above

From the mountains

To the prairies

To the ocean White with foam

God bless America

My home sweet home.

(Here's the song by one of my favorites.)

(All pictures (except the first one) are either mine, or from

I Need to Be As I Am

This summer sort of shook my foundations and left me feeling off kilter. I avoided writing because every time I sat and thought, my mind went into dark places where I didn't want to go. I distracted myself with television and music and reading and my kids.

Now, the kids are back in school and the cloud that hung over us, and threatened a violent storm, simply dissipated into the atmosphere. I have hours and hours in front of me to do whatever I want.

But, what is it I want?

I want to be the woman I am supposed to be. Who is she?  I have wondered and pondered over that. Does she look like me? How can she be an influence on others? What can she do?  Does she wake up early to exercise? Will she keep her house clean? Does she need a job? I honestly didn't know.

And, then, I prayed. I simply asked, "What is it You need me to be?"

The answer did not come suddenly. It wasn't loud and did not bring with it any angelic visitors. It came hours later, when I was sitting al…

Friday Five

It's Friday and things are getting back to normal. The Handy Man is at work and I'm babysitting twins. (Cue Blue's Clues in the background.) I feel like maybe I can get back to the things I normally do, since that stupid cancer cloud has finally gone away.  Here's five things about my life--

1- The Handy Man went back to the doctor. His 'empty space' is healing nicely. So the doctor says. Looks gross and swollen to me. We discussed how in a year (or two) it won't even look weird to us. It'll just be his foot. And, someday, our grandkids will think it's awesome that Grandpa only has 9 toes. I considered including a picture, but wasn't sure you wanted to see it. I find it fascinating, but, then, I kinda love him, missing toe and all.

2- The reason I have few pictures lately is because my kids make a habit of stealing my batteries. Every time I get some new rechargeables, I swear to them that they will not use my batteries. Ever. Then, a few days go…