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Jail Time

Have you ever been to jail? I went last week. No, I didn't finally lose it and lock my kids in the basement for the day. We went for Young Women's. I wouldn't say it was fun, but it was educational and enlightening. Here's a few things I learned-

When you arrive, you do not get to keep your cute sweater and slacks like Ashley Judd did in 'Double Jeopardy'. You are strip searched (it's even more awful than the word makes it sound.) and given some recycled underwear-brown- and clothes. This happens in front of a deputy. There is no privacy in jail.
You get to sit in a holding cell with several other people for up to 3 hours. It's one room with windows so the deputies can see in and the toilet is just there on the wall. There is no privacy in jail.
There are cute women police officers. I always thought when I saw TV cops that there weren't any that looked like that in real life. Our deputy, Kassie, proved that wrong.
A cute deputy is still a cop and can b…


I found a little tear running down my cheek this morning.

I poked my eye when I was and dancing around my empty house.

Happy First Day of School.

A Promise

On Tuesday, I found two yellow leaves on my car. These beautiful golden leaves said one thing to me......
Heavenly Father is smart. I'm sure that doesn't surprise you. Here's one reason why. He knew that his children would be fickle. He knew that when we get all excited for the warmth of spring, it would only take a few months of that warmer weather before we want something different. Those glorious days of warmth when we could shed our winter clothes and relish the sunshine. Those days change to the suffocating heat of August. Then, He probably knew He would hear his children say things like,
"I don't care if winter and cold will follow-I'm done. I'm tired of being hot. I'm tired of being sweaty. I'm tired of straightening my hair just to have it curl on the ends because of the sweat on my neck. I'm through having my own little river trailing down my back. I'm done. Bring on fall."
And, so, in HIs great wisdom, He planned the sea…

Of course...

Of course he has a perfectly good pair of shoes he could wear. Of course he doesn't listen when I tell him to wear the other shoes. Of course his grandfather encouraged him by telling him about the shoes he had like these. Of course they're comfortable, it's like being barefoot. Of course... he's 16.