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My Not-So-Romantic Romance

I'm a hopeful romantic.
In high school, I read every romance novel I could get my hands on. I daydreamed about my dream man- tall, dark, handsome.  He'd be a college grad, professional, and wealthy.  I dreamed of curved staircases, fancy dresses, roses, dancing, maybe he would even have an accent.

If you've met the Handy Man, you'll know, he meets very few of those requirements. He is tall and handsome, and he does have an accent, if you count Utah-ese. Romantic? Mmmm, not so much.  But, that didn't stop him from sweeping me off my feet.

We started dating in July, and soon were seeing each other every day.   We were in love.  After a while, we talked about our future together, as though marriage was a given.  But, the words hadn't been spoken, the question not asked.  I decided I needed to take things into my own hands.  He needed some encouragement, some inspiration.

One hot August night, we'd been up very late watching a movie. We both fell asleep.  I w…

Parenting 101 = Troop 525

Being a parent isn't easy. You've heard all the jokes about kids not coming with instructions, it's a learn-as-you-go process.  The books tell you about milestones and development, but don't go into what to do when they aren't met.  They give instruction on breastfeeding and diaper rash and teething. Then, they get to be teenagers and I guess they think you've got it figured out.   Maybe there are teenage-raising books, I don't know. Perhaps we should give women a teen-shower when her first one hits that lovely two-digit mark.  You could give her things like maid service for their bedroom,  a rain parka for letting the attitude slide off your back and lots and lots of Prozac.

Better yet, you could give her a scout leader who cares.
That's what I got 5 years ago, and my life has been infinitely better ever since.

When I saw the couple at the courthouse with their scary son, I thought- 'That boy is not a scout.'  Sure, I don't know that, but…

Another Favorite Thing

I have lots of very talented friends. Really.  Why they want to be my friend is sometimes a mystery to me. But, I'm glad they are. My friends. One of these talented gals is Megan.  One day I was learning how to make bags and Megan was there. She said something like, "These bag straps would be great for a camera." And, voila, her business was born.  (Ok, I'm sure there was more to it than that.) She makes these very stylish camera straps- They are cute and soooo much softer than the one that comes with your camera. Now, I've seen photographers who have those strap covers, and I always want to say, 'Hey, did you know there's a better way?!' So, if you are a photographer, or like me, just own a camera and like to take pictures, and you also want to be less frumpy, go here- You won't be sorry!

If I Had One Wish...

I first met Lisa at stake girls camp two years ago.  I watched her as she associated with the girls and the other stake leaders.  She was energetic and fun-loving. I liked her instantly.  Six months later, she was called as our stake YW president.  I learned that in addition to her outgoing nature, she had an incredible testimony of the gospel.  She was a champion for modesty and I so envied her way of letting the girls know what was right.  She didn't hold anything back, she never held her tongue because she was worried how they would react.  But, she spoke to them with such love, that I'm sure none of them had bad feelings toward her.
Last fall, Lisa was diagnosed with cancer.  I watched her as she continued to minister to the young women in our stake.  She came to our ward and taught them. She spoke in stake conference.  And then, just one month ago, she came to girls camp- with hats to cover her head, an IV to keep her nourished and a blanket to keep her warm.  She sat, …

Happy First Day of School- the frazzled and frumpy way

Most of the time, the other blogs I read inspire me. They make me laugh, or cry. They give me good ideas.  But, sometimes, they make me feel bad about myself. For example, did you have a back-to-school feast? Give your kids crowns and gifts? No? Me either. I bought my kids pop tarts.  And, I was out of bed before them.  That was our big back to school treat. Oh, and I didn't have batteries for my camera, so no pictures. Lame.
 It's these times that I realize the title on my blog is very fitting. Having seven  eight children makes me frazzled. And, as a mom, I'm completely frumpy. Not much fun at all.

We do have a theme for this year. I thought up that one all on my own-before I read nienie's blog. (She always has a theme.)  At our Family Home Evening last week, we got in teams of two and tried to find as many scriptures as we could about school/learning.  Then, we talked about how important knowledge is to Heavenly Father, that that is where His power lies.  Then we re…

So Long, Farewell, Adieu

Oh, lovely summer. Where have you gone? With your long, lazy days and opportunities for frolicking, suntans   and beaches.

Whatever. Summer is hot. I didn't get to frolick much. And laziness? Way overrated.  The only thing tanned on me is my feet. And beaches? Well, I visited one in Idaho.
Thank heaven it's over. I had no motivation this summer. I've decided I need the structure as much as my kids.

Here's to getting back on track. Alarm clocks ringing, getting things done while they're gone, being here to help with homework, and very limited video game time.

Also, the beginning of school marks the beginning of my favorite season.

Today is a good day.

5 Hours

5 hours. That's how long I spent in the car/running errands today. 5.

I don't like to drive. Have I mentioned that? I'm not afraid of driving, heck I've been doing it for thir.... um, alot of years.  I just don't really like it. And going to the store? I like that. Taking kids along? Not so much.  It was a long day.

First, I took Adam to court. Heehee. We actually just went to get a paper to certify that he's never been to court. That made me happy. Especially when I saw some parents bringing their son in with his ankle bracelet. Not the cute kind. The clunky electric one.  I felt so bad for them- the parents. Not the kid. He obviously had it coming. "Maybe you could take out your eyebrow rings, it'd help with the judge." -actual comment from deputy.  (Post coming soon.)

Then, I took Max and Noah to DI. Fun stuff. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the DI. (Post coming-sheesh. I should have lots to write about.)  Got me some good deals.

Then, I had to pick up Spencer…

Sadie Rowe Doane- my grandma

My paternal grandma was short and sweet.  She loved her grandkids. She was a great cook and was well known for her cinnamon twists. She always bought us gifts, though she couldn't afford it. She lived for 18 years after her husband died. Her apartment was small and neat and she had these great pillows on her couch.  These are things I know about her.  What I don't know is why she didn't like her name. I do know  that she told her children they were not to name their children after her. They all complied with that wish. It didn't apply to me. Or my niece.  When we were in Idaho, we went to the cemetery where my grandparents are buried. We took this sweet picture of Sadie and Rowe-
Somehow, I don't think Grandma minds that she has these two beautiful girls bearing her name.

Ebb and Flow

I was released from my calling on Sunday.
That's a very simple sentence, yet so difficult to write. After Bro. R. told me, (right before church started)  I thought, OK, so we knew this was a possibility. As a presidency, we sometimes talk about it. I was sad, but ok.  Then, when he stood to take care of ward business, he read my name. Only. My. Name.  I sat in stunned silence, confused. I knew that this was an inspired change. I have a testimony of the divinity of callings. I even shared that testimony on Sunday. Yet, as I spoke the words, affirming my willingness to do what the Lord asks, inside, my head was crying "No!" The spiritual side of me held on to that belief, but all the human emotions of confusion and grief wrapped themselves around my heart, making it a weight in my chest.  And, then I cried.
 For two days.

I've pondered this change and the effect it's had on me.  I kept telling myself that our callings don't define us. But, it isn't true.  F…

The Bag Lady

I love making bags for the people I love. But, I get very anxious when I have to pick out the fabric. My sweet sister-in-law, Kerrie, had told me that she trusted my judgement for her bag. I roamed the fabric store for the longest time looking for material. Once I found this adorable, pink, owl fabric, though, the decision was easy. Here's the finished product-
 I have to say, I love it.   See the owls? Oh!  Inside, loads of pockets. Crucial when you have a baby, or two in Kerrie's case.  They just got one of their foster babies back. I got this done just in time! Now, my favorite thing about this project. Kerrie has a 3 year-old daughter, Jocelyn, who LOVES her big sister role.  What does every big sister need? A big sister bag!

Just looking at these makes me happy. I think I need to make myself something out of this fabric. What do you think about a pink owl muumuu?

Favorite Things

I've seen lots of other blogs where they talk about their favorite things. I thought I'd jump  on the bandwagon and tell you a couple of mine.
First is this- Now, I have boys. After about the age of 3, boys don't really like to color. They're all about jumping and destroying things. When they do color, it's usually on my walls.  (Just found a new one this morning.Great.) This aversion to coloring can make sacrament meeting an added challenge. I look behind me and see adorable little girls all focused on their princess coloring books. *sigh* My boys are rolling under the benches and roaring their cars against the backs of the people in front of us. But, I've discovered that a 64 pack of crayons is a magic wand. Something about all those colors, I guess.  The four removable boxes are also great, because they can be spread throughout the whole bench. So, if your church bag seems a little boring, I'd highly suggest a new box of crayons.  Definitely worth the $3.97 I spent.

Happy Exhaustion

I have done nothing today.  I showered, if that counts.  Mostly, I'm trying to catch up on some much needed sleep while still keeping my kids from destroying the house or each other.  So far the house and the kids are intact, but, my sleep is still in the negative catagory.  Why this slumberless stupor, you ask? These sweet things are the culprit-

I spent the last three days at the Sunrise 'P' Ranch in gorgeous Rupert, Idaho.  Now, before you start disagreeing with my choice of adjectives, check this out-
One of the perks of my calling as YW secretary, is being able to go to places like this with the young women, (and young men).  You'd think after a day of water sliding, log rolling, game playing and fabulous food, that they'd collapse into bed as soon as they could. Ha ha. Night number one, we were all (the females) up till midnight doing what we females do best- talking.  The girls had their side of the loft where there was much talk about teenage things, (boys &a…