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Sister Chat

A while ago, I posted about the Pioneer's Woman's advice about blogging.
'Blog like you're talking to your sister.'
I did it then, and thought I'd do that today, as I'm having a hard time focusing my thoughts.  Here's what I would chat with them about.

How was your weekend? I'd ask.
Mine was good. We got the Handy Man's car fixed after 3 weeks without it. Guess what? It was free. Yes, I realize if we'd taken it in when it first broke down, I wouldn't have had 3 weeks of torture/cabin fever. Let's not dwell on that.
Also, I got a free massage on Saturday. (I swapped babysitting with my friend. She thinks she's getting a good deal. I'm pretty sure I'm getting the better end.) It was heaven. Ninety minutes of pure heaven. Seriously, I think I heard angels singing.  (If you live in Utah and would like some heaven, give Brigette a call.) (She didn't pay me to say such things, just thought I'd share. Nobody gets too mu…

Give Me Just a Minute..

Haven't been on my computer in a couple days. Guess what? The world kept on spinning!
Now, I'm playing catch-up on my email and blogs.  This may take a while.
Happy Sunday.

It's Just a Game

I grew up watching sports.  Not on TV,  I watched my dad as he played in both city and church leagues. I have many fond memories of watching him and his friends as they ran up and down the court, their shoes squeaking on the shiny wood floor, and the scent of sweat and peppermint gum.  Later, I watched my sisters and brothers play in high school and college.  (The athletic gene seemed to skip right over me.)  From my dad, I learned to appreciate sports.  I also learned how to be a very vocal supporter.  Most importantly, he taught all of us about being a good sport. 
No matter what the result, win or lose, you congratulate you opponent.  You don't throw a fit.  After all, it is just a game. 
This week, the San Francisco 49er's lost to the New York Giants in the NFC Championship game. (I know this because I live in a house filled with males and testosterone. Not because I'm a football fan.) After the game, Kenny Williams, the wide receiver and kick returner for the 49ers, rec…

Be a Friend

This is our elliptical. We bought him last year in a fit of fitness rage.  I was determined that having him here in our house would spur me on to greater things, and a lesser body.

Recently I told my family that Daniel is lonely. (I hadn't actually named him before this.  Daniel was the first name that came to mind.)  I told them that we all need to spend more time with him. His self-esteem is surely suffering.  He has a purpose and we aren't allowing him to fulfill it.  He's just standing there waiting for us to pay him a little attention.  He's patient, and a bit dusty.

My daughter, Sadie, has taken him under her wing.  She's been spending quality time with him every day.  She watches Netflix on her phone while she sweats away.  Never interested in being a cheerleader at school, she's become our own personal pep squad.  "Rah, Rah, get your butt off the couch!"

I'm the worst offender.  Poor Daniel must feel so unloved as I pass by him several ti…

Happy Random Holiday-Day

I've discovered that I miss out on a lot of holidays.  Did you know it's California Dried Plum Digestive Month?  Seriously.  I need to go buy some dried plums.
Today is Fancy Rat and Mouse Day.  Also National Hugging Day.  Thankfully, not National Hugging Fancy Rats and Mice Day.  I'd have to abstain. (Did you even know they have an organization for fancy rats and mice?) check it out here.
This week is National Fresh Squeezed Juice Week. I'm fresh, the Handy Man squeezed me and I drank juice.  Nailed it.
It's Bald Eagle Appreciation Day.  Here you go-
 Did you know that when you see eagle on tv and they make that cool screech, it isn't an eagle? It's a hawk. Eagles chirp.  Not very majestic.

Also, today is the end of  Healthy Weight Week. Dang! I missed it. Guess I'll try for next year.

There's No Place Like Home

I've been without a car for two weeks now.  The pile of junk that's been masquerading as my husband's car has become feeble and weak, like an old man, coughing, shaking and sputtering.  We drive it the four blocks to church, but that's as far as I trust it. Mostly because we could walk if it died altogether.

This has led to my unwilling confinement.  The walls of my home have steadily moved inward until I feel like I'm living in a closet.  The noises that are a normal part of our everyday routine are louder, bouncing off the ceiling and echoing in my head. It's not that I have so many places to go, but it's nice to have the option, especially when the diet Coke craving raises its ugly head.

It makes me sad, to feel so dissatisfied and impatient with our home.  I love it.  We've been here for five and a half blessed years.  Our search for this house didn't take long.  All of the powers of the universe aligned so that our old house sold and we found …

The Abyss

A black hole.  Just a great big space where ideas are sucked up and disappear.   That’s my head right now.  Something will spark at the edge of my brain and when I attempt to grab it, it slips away, like so much mercury in my fingertips. 
I’ve had a couple people ask me in the last day or two, if I blog every day.  No, I told them.  I did in November and December, but this month I’m cutting back.
Now I’m sitting here without a thought in my head.  (All right, I have thoughts, but they aren’t about blogging.  They’re things like- where did all my scissors go? And-will the chicken get done in time to make dinner? And-why doesn’t anyone fold that laundry?)  Blogging every day was difficult and sometimes stressful.  My husband asked if it was worth it- the anxiety.  But, it was.  My writing improved and ideas came every single almost every day. 
So, I’ve decided I’m going back to the everyday-blogging.  I need it to keep me going.  And, maybe a little  stress is good for me.  
Do you blog e…

Blame it On Technology

We're having internet issues.  Don't ask me to explain. When I say 'technical difficulties', I mean ones that live in my limited brain.  I'd like to say I'm too old to understand all this advanced, high-tech, automation, but Bill Gates is 11 years older than me. I might blame him for coming up with all this stuff.  I guess I could blame it on not taking that computer class in high school. Hey, I'd taken typing and excelled at it, why would I need to learn about these computer things? I didn't plan on working in an office, where else would I use one?

Right now, I'm using the internet-sharing feature of my new phone. Pretty cool, except it's giving me anxiety.  I only have like 5 G's or MB's or some other ABC's of data and I have absolutely NO IDEA what that means.  Will using the internet sharing for 30 minutes suck up all my data? If  I do use it up, how much will it cost me the next time I check facebook while I'm at church? (…
We are experiencing technical difficulties.  Please stand by...

Book Review- 'Why Women Need Fat'

(This is a paid review for BlogHer Book Club, but the opinions expressed are my own.)
When you’re brought up thinking one way, it can be very difficult to change that way of thinking.  This was my dilemma as I began reading ‘Why Women Need Fat’.  The authors presented a new, (and a bit radical), idea about the way we eat. Basically, it's that the oils we’ve been using, that are touted as ‘good for us’, are making us fat. This was a hard pill to swallow. We all hear daily about trans fats and cholesterol and how we must use vegetable oil or soybean oil to keep those dangers at bay.  The book presents lots of scientific evidence to show that this isn't true. (And, I'll admit, I had a hard time getting through some of the chapters that were so filled with this evidence.)
The authors, Dr. Lassek (a physician) and Dr. Gaulin (an anthropologist),  have found that women today are much heavier than their counterparts of the 1960’s.  Look at a photo of your mom or grandmother at the …

Balancing Act

There's been a lot of talk about resolutions lately, have you noticed? I swear the only thing on TV more than political-crap is diet-crap. I'm feeling a bit bombarded with the pressure to 'make some goals' and 'find areas that need changing'. Well, I'm not doing it!  There, that's my 2012 decision. I'm not making resolutions this year. Shocking, I know.  
What I am going to do is pick a word. (Yeah, not a very original idea.  But, my idea to not make resolutions, that's revolutionary, right? No? Whatever.)  Any-way.  I gave this a lot of thought. And I finally came up with my word. 


This is the year of balance- in my home, in my head, with my body and my spirit. I will be seeking equilibrium everyday. 

With this in mind, I'm re-posting something I wrote last April.  It's one of those things that I need to be reminded of more often. It helps me remember that to balance my body image, I have to start from within.

This week, I …

Daydream Believer

(My post this morning was inspired by Masked Mom and her posts about Laura Ingalls Wilder.)

My second grade teacher wrote on one of my report cards- "Julie is a good student, but she's a daydreamer."
It's true. My childhood was spent in imagination.  What my own world didn't give me, books did.  I read voraciously and then lived those stories in my mind.

In the fifth grade, we lived 'in the country' in Idaho.  Miles out of town, the homes were separated by fields that would've easily supported football teams.  Friends lived far away.  Our house was a quaint two-story surrounded by land and behind it was the greatest back yard I could have dreamed of.  There were empty ram-shackle buildings,(Which we were forbidden to enter-of course, we did. Sorry, Mom.) and trees, both standing and fallen, all the greatest playground for a girl who lived in her head.

That year, our class read 'Island of the Blue Dolphins'.  A book about a girl who'd been…

A Mother's Plea

Day 2 of a killer headache and now nauseous. Please, please,  don't let it be the flu.
Back tomorrow- I hope.

Six Word Fridays- Looking Forward

Looking with faith at a year, Filled with the possibility of gladness. Put fear aside, hold onto hope, Take a step forward and fly.

P.S.  I 'borrowed' an idea I found about taking a picture a day for a year.  I added the page at the top of my blog. It's mostly for me, an interesting way to record my year. Stop by if you'd like.

Happy 5th to My Baby

He doesn't like it when I call him my baby. He doesn't understand I'm not calling him a baby.  But, he will always be my baby. 

He arrived at a time when most mothers are planning graduations and even weddings.  He arrived and soothed my frazzled nerves.  He slept well, ate well.  His was a life of calm and relaxation. He allowed me to stop and cherish moments. With six older siblings, somehow he knew what I needed and handed it to me on a soft pillow of baby love.

 Since then, he's been my almost constant companion.  We spend our days together, running errands, playing and whatever else comes up. And interspersed are his frequent hugs and kisses.  He is a lovey boy.

Someday, I will miss this time with him.  This I know. He is already branching out, wanting to spread his little wings.  And, I'll let him go, when I must.  For now, he is my  boy, my youngest and forever and ever- my baby.

Let Me Introduce You

to my new phone.

Her name is Delilah. Because she's a temptress. And, she knows my weakness. We met a few days ago on the internet while I was 'just looking'.  She spoke to me.

"Hello, Jewels. I am your new phone."

Oh, no, I don't need a new phone. I'm just looking.

"Well, look a little closer. See how pretty I am? I'm white and new."

Yes, but my old phone works fine.

"But, it doesn't have all the technology that I have. I'm a 4G. G is for gorgeous.  With me you could check facebook and email. And you can check your blog for comments any time of day."

Um..that's ok. I'll just keep this one.

"Really, Jewels. You know you want me. I have a touch screen. You want to touch my screen, don't you?"

Yes, yes I do.  But, what about my old phone?

"Give it to the Handy Man.  He'll love having your cast-offs."

But my old phone is pink.

"Oh, he won't care. Take another look.  I have a camera and mu…

A Future Filled with Faith

"The past is to be learned from, but not lived in.  We look back to claim the embers from glowing experiences but not the ashes.  And when we have learned what we need to learn and have brought with us the best that we have experienced, then we look ahead and remember that faith is always pointed toward the future.  Faith always has to do with blessings and truths and events that will yet be efficacious in our lives."  -Elder Jeffrey R. Holland 'The Best is Yet to Be'

Happy New Year