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I hate daylight savings time.
Forget the 'extra hour of sleep'--I can get that on a lazy Sunday afternoon while my kids watch Nickelodeon. Daylight savings is a sleep schedule ruiner. It throws all of us off, and sleep schedules are important.

You learn this from the moment you have children. People ask-
"Is he sleeping well?"
"Is he sleeping through the night?"
"Is he on a schedule?"

My babies were never on a schedule. I figured that babies are intuitive beings. They are moved by need- they need to eat, they eat; they need to sleep they sleep; they need to poop, you know, they do. And, I met their needs, my own be damned.  While they were infants.

Now, however, they are not babies. They are old enough to have schedules. And daylight savings has messed it up- again.

My kids are early risers. 6am is a normal waking time. I try my very hardest to get them to stay in bed till 7- "See this clock, when it says 7:00 you can get out of bed."