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Just One

I have one New Year's Resolution for this year. One. Because I seriously suck at resolutions. I thought maybe I could do one. Because I'm really good at peer pressure and all the peers have resolutions and they're pressuring me (without even meaning to) to make one.

So, OK already. Stop pressuring me.

Ready? Here it is-

I resolute resolve determine (whatever!)

I'm going to write everyday  more. 

I know blogs are sort of passe, but this is an easy place for me to write. And, yeah, no one reads them, but it's more about me, you know? Because I'm all selfish like that. (I'm not. Or I try not to be. If I am, will you tell me?)

I have about a hundred classes* and I have to write for ALL of them, which you would definitely not want to read,(technical writing-blah.) but I need some creative stuff, so yeah. Here it goes.

*I'm the queen of hyperbole. I actually have 5 classes. But it feels like a hundred.