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Knew Moon

That's the kind of mistake I've been making all morning. I'm working on 2 hours of sleep here, and it's not a good thing. I went to the New Moon premier at midnight and the whole evening was a huge reminder to me-that I'm old. Oh, I know, if you were here, you'd say, "You're not old." and I'd say, "Oh, thanks, you're sweet." (Because I'm working on being gracious about compliments.) But, I'd be thinking, "You're lying to me because you've been taught to be kind to old people."
It all started when I arrived at my sister's friend's house. As soon as I walked in, I knew I was the oldest person in the room. Cool when you're 18, not when you're 43. I listened to these 20-30-something girls talk about their kids. Even though I have kids the same age, they have something I'm lacking. It's that fresh-faced enthusiam for motherhood. Yeah, I lost that a long time ago. It was replac…

Tis the Season to be Thankful

It's that time of year, when we count our many blessings. It's always good to stop and reflect on all we have. Sometimes, it's hard, though, to find things to be thankful for. Life being what it is, it's easier to focus on all that's wrong, or at least difficult. I had someone tell me once that looking at someone else's misfortune isn't a good way to feel better about your own situation. I don't agree. Sometimes, the phrase 'it could be worse' is the only way to feel better about yourself. I figure, any way to find things that are good is, well, good. An optimist at heart, I try to find the positive in everything. So, here's some things I'm thankful for.

1. My kids. No matter how I mumble about them, I am grateful to have them. I'm grateful that they're healthy. No major disabilities or life-threatening illnesses. Unless a bad attitude is life-threatening, in that case, we're in serious trouble. They're all smart. Not that…

Ideal Costumes

Ah, Halloween. I'm so glad it's over! I was planning on doing this post a few days ago, but, alas, my life just didn't allow it. So, even though I'm officially celebrating the end of the Halloween season, I'm doing a post on it.
Halloween is great for kids. I LOVED it when I was growing up. Something about dressing up as something you aren't is so fun. I've been thinking about the whole costume thing. I realized, we dress up as something we aren't and really, something we most likely, never will be. Example: my niece was Cinderella. Though we call her a princess, she doesn't have much chance of ever being one. No one ever dresses as Cinderella before the ball- that'd be like dressing up like your mom (cooking and cleaning all day). Ditto with Snow White- it's the post-kiss girl they want to be. Who wants to be the pretty girl who has to take care of 7 messy dwarves? Oh, wait. Deja vu. The boys are the same. Cowboys, Batman, the …