One Lucky Momma

 As I drove up to girls camp on Monday, I listened to the three girls in my car. It made me smile, hearing them talk and sing to the radio.  I love all our young women. I do. I'll be honest, tho', when I say that I have a favorite. 
Sadie was only in YW for 9 months before I was called. So, most of her experiences have been shared.  I know that I'm lucky.  Not only do I love being with her, she loves having me there. 
She sits next to me in class on Sundays. Often, she'll lean her head on my shoulder. 
Oh, how I want to freeze these moments.  I'd preserve them and put them on a shelf. 
The label would read, "Precious Moments with Sadie."
Then, someday, when she's all grown and her attention has been captured by 
some handsome, dark-haired man,
I can remember what it was like for her to sit next to me,
her love radiating like sunshine.
(Sadie with a wig on. Doesn't look much like her, does it?)
All week, I watched her as she interacted with her friends. She is somewhat like me,
but, oh, so different. 
She has a confidence I'd only dreamed of. 
She is a scout (Venturing) and carries a pocket knife.
She can call a flag ceremony with authority and grace.
She is kind and thoughtful.
Best of all- she has a testimony of the gospel and she isn't afraid to share it.

She loves me.
I love her.
I am so lucky.


  1. You are very lucky -- blessed is a better word! Glad you could enjoy another girls week together!


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