Mommy of the Year

Do you ever look back at your life and think, "Wow. I'm so awesome." ?  Yeah, me, too.  Sometimes, I amaze myself with what a great mom I am. Really, I should  get an award.
 Case in point-

We were at Sea World a few years ago.  Max was just 20 months old, and being small, he spent a lot of time in the stroller.  All the other kids decided they wanted to ride the big roller coaster, you know, the one that ends with a big splash?  I said I'd stay with Max. Yep, self-sacrificing, that's me.

 So, Max and I waved good-bye and waited.  We saw the car leave and listened to the delighted squeals.  I stood behind the stroller at the end of the ride, waiting for Handy Man and the kids.  "Oh, look Max. Here they come." I pointed so he wouldn't miss a thing.  You could hear the screams as it began its speedy decent.  It reached the bottom, and the water, a HUGE wave sprayed up- right toward us! I turned and ran.

Leaving my child behind.

(No applause necessary.)


  1. "Run for your wife! Oops, sorry, that shoulfffd have been '"Life"

    Great story!

  2. Here you go. My mother of the year story.

    Maybe we can share the award... :)

    1. Wow. You have a budding Jennifer Aniston on your hands! I think you can be the runner-up, and it's important because you will have to take over my duties if I am unable to fulfill them.

  3. This is complete awesomeness. What mom hasn't left their toddler to the wilds of a Sea World spray to save herself?! :)

  4. I guess the one redeeming thing is that he was young and doesn't remember.

  5. This made me laugh a little too hard, if you know what I mean. :)


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