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Ah, Halloween. I'm so glad it's over! I was planning on doing this post a few days ago, but, alas, my life just didn't allow it. So, even though I'm officially celebrating the end of the Halloween season, I'm doing a post on it.
Halloween is great for kids. I LOVED it when I was growing up. Something about dressing up as something you aren't is so fun. I've been thinking about the whole costume thing. I realized, we dress up as something we aren't and really, something we most likely, never will be. Example: my niece was Cinderella. Though we call her a princess, she doesn't have much chance of ever being one. No one ever dresses as Cinderella before the ball- that'd be like dressing up like your mom (cooking and cleaning all day). Ditto with Snow White- it's the post-kiss girl they want to be. Who wants to be the pretty girl who has to take care of 7 messy dwarves? Oh, wait. Deja vu. The boys are the same. Cowboys, Batman, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (well, I guess they could grow up to be that, but let's not think about it.)
So, what if we dressed up more like our true selves? I've been contemplating that. If my six year-old did, he would look like this-

Always on the go and destroying everything in his path! (Will my walls ever be free of marker graffiti?)
As for my daughter, well, last year I might have suggested an angel. What a difference a year makes. What happens when that 'teen' gets added to their age? This year, if I could, I would've dressed her as a hormone.
My teenage boys are easy.

Don't be confused. See how cute this is? Yep, that's how they all start. You see that newborn and think, "Oh, I should have, like, seven of these. They're so cute and cuddly and soft. Ooooh, I love them!" Yep, and then they grow up and this is what they look like-

Anybody got a badger costume? I'm sure I could use it next year.
Now, there's me. What would I dress as if I was going as my true self? If my kids had any say, I'm sure a taskmaster would be appropriate, maybe that combined with this one-
I admit it, I'm pretty witchy alot of the time. Maybe that comes from living the life of a pre-prince princess. Whatever. Someone told me once if your teenagers are mad at you, then you're doing your job. Sheesh. I should get a raise. To your own self be true, isn't that the old saying? Well, if that's right, then I know one costume I'd never wear-

Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Happy post-Halloween!


  1. Hey!! That last picture was my costume last year!! And you know THAT was total make believe!!

  2. LOL!!! That badger analogy was hilarious!!!

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  5. oops....sorry that was me that deleted...what I really meant to say was that I loved this post and that we need to talk! I am going crazy with my teenagers and I could use someone to talk to about it.


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