"Are You Ever Going to Clean that Room?"

I wonder if you've ever gotten after your kids for having messy rooms, then looked around your own and realized it's messier than theirs? I don't know what it is about my bedroom. It's sort of the catch-all. If I don't know where to put something, it ends up there. I don't spend much quality time there, just sleeping and watching TV when I'm tired of watching Nick Jr. with Noah. Plus, no one sees it, no visitors anyway, so why clean? Sure, sure, to make it feel better, blah, blah. Oprah says your bedroom should be a sanctuary. Hey, my door locks, which means I can keep the kids out- that's a sanctuary to me. Maybe if my furniture wasn't all designer DI, and maybe if my comforter was something other than the one we made at the shower for my brother and his now ex-wife, and maybe if I didn't have to clean pencil, crayon and pizza off the walls, then maybe I'd care a little more.
My kids haven't commented on my messy room. They do have moments of common sense. If they did, maybe I should ask them what my punishment should be for not cleaning. Let's see, maybe they could make me clean the house, oh, wait! I just did that. Ok, so, maybe they could ground me from going out on the weekend. Oh, yeah, take away something I don't even have. They could take away TV and the computer. That one might hurt a little, but it actually might be a nice break. Or, maybe they could ground me to my room. Yeah, that sounds like a good one. Make me stay in there until it's clean. Ha! I'll stay there and someone else will have to clean the house, do the laundry, cook the meals and run all the errands. Oh, please, punish me some more!
I do have a goal to someday have a bedroom that's beautiful and calming and more than a 'don't-know-where-it-goes' receptacle. But, that will have to be after my kids have outgrown drawing on walls. It will be when I can have a nice comforter and not worry about who might spill or puke on it. Basically, it will be when the kids are grown and I no longer need a sanctuary.


  1. you crack me up! i actually made my bed today. first time in probably months.

  2. I was just thinking about this the other day. I was yelling at one of mine to CLEAN YOUR ROOM! then walked in mine and thought to myself that I had no room to nag! I love and miss you!


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