What a Great Month!

If you look at an official astrological chart, I'm a libra. I was thinking, that there are things other than the stars that might influence what you're like. For example, if you're born in October, perhaps you enjoy dressing up or eating chocolate. February, you're loving and like chocolates. April, you have a penchant for bunnies and chocolate. (I could probably work chocolate into every month.) For me, being born in September doesn't seem to be a coincidence. Yes, I like autumn and the start of school (tho' that didn't happen till I had kids), but the real reason September is such a great month is---- the new fall season on TV.
It's sad, really. Maybe I need therapy. If there was such a thing as TVAA- Television Addicts Annonymous- I'd be there. "Hi, my name's Jewels and I'm adddicted to TV." I don't think it's from my upbringing. I grew up in a time when there was no cable-What?!?!? I know! We had the three major channels and PBS. But, we made the most of what we had. There wasn't much in the way of kids shows, so we watched what our parents watched. Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Mork and Mindy, the Love Boat. On Saturday nights it was Lawrence Welk and Sunday-hooray- there was the Wonderful World of Disney. We didn't always have a TV. I remember a few times when we went months without one. We survived, we read those things with all the words, oh, yeah, books. But, once a television was available, we planted our little behinds in front of it again.
Now, my kids can blame me for their tv habits. That's alright, I'm sure they'll blame me for a lot more than that! At least now we have shows made for them and even parental blocks for the ones we don't want them to see. (My parents would've loved that to keep us away from Three's Company and Love American Style.)
So, September is here and the new shows are starting. I actually wrote down when each of the ones we like begins. Survivor is tonight-yay! Then, we have the Office, Amazing Race, and, well, I'll stop there. You don't really need to know how many I watch. It isn't great, but I think there are worse things I could be into, right? Like overeating or spending too much time on the computer. Dang! TV tonight, therapy tomorrow.


  1. waaaittt a minute sister -- when is your birthday? We all need to go to lunch!!!

  2. That's funny. I tried explaining to my kids what it was like to have 3 channels and PBS...no DVDs, no DVR. They looked at me like I was ancient. I even had to explain a typewriter the other day. I have a September birthday... and I've always loved it... maybe because I'm a TV junkie too. Love your blog!

  3. Ya, I had a few things written on the calendar. I watched the premier of Biggest Looser. Cried all the way through it!! Tonight I'll be recording the Office!

  4. And you can watch chocolate while you are watching the premiers! See - chocolate goes with everything.

  5. Ummmm That would be eat chocolate. Who wants to watch it? That would be no fun.


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