It's in My Nature

nar-cis-cism: inordinate fascination with oneself; excessive self-love; vanity

I was listening to Kathy Lee Gifford on TV the other day. Listening, because I was on Facebook and too lazy to get up and find the remote. So, I hear her talking about the fascination with Twitter and Facebook. She said she didn't get it, that she felt everyone who did that was a narcissist. Really? This coming from a woman who sits on TV for an hour everyday and talks about what else? Herself. Hmmm.

It's human nataure, I think. We all want attention, we want to know someone else cares enough to be interested in what we're doing, thinking, saying. Why in the world do you think blogs are so popular? But, really, it's all about your perspective. If you twist it the right way, everything we do could be considered self-centered.

I had a lot of children. Yeah, yeah, I love kids and wanted a family with my husband. But, really, maybe I did it for the attention. Seriously, nine months of - "Oh, how are you feeling?" "What are you having?" "When are you due?" "Can I rub your feet?" (Ok, that didn't ever happen, but it should've.) Then, you get to go through labor, again, all about me. Next, a newborn-what better way to stand in the spotlight? (Although, if it was just for my own vanity, it definitely backfired.)

I have a calling in the Young Women. Sure, I love being of service and working with the girls. But, come on, to have a young, hip girl tell me I'm her favorite? Yep, self-satisfaction at its finest.

What Kathy Lee doesn't seem to realize is that although people are doing these things, talking about themselves, there's so much more to it. I've never been very good at keeping in touch. When we would move, I would never see or talk to my 'friends' in the ward again. I had nine missionary companions, I keep in touch with one. I only know the whereabouts and happenings of one or two friends from high school. I have lots of cousins and other family that I don't talk to on the phone or write letters to. But, since Facebook and blogs, my life has literally changed. I have 118 friends on Facebook. Where did I get that many friends? I'm keeping up with people I haven't seen forever. I know what's up with their families and how their day is going. I'm friends with family, people in my ward, my kids and even two ex-boyfriends.

Then, there's the blogs. What can I say, you're reading one so you obviously know their appeal. I get to see pictures of my friend's families and share ones of mine. I laugh and cry as I read about their lives. Even my mom, who lives a whole 45 minutes away, keeps up with what we're doing by reading my blogs. They say there's good and bad in just about everything. It's true. And while the internet has more than it's share of bad, there's so much good to be had. It's bringing people together, what's better than that?

So, Kathy Lee, I think there are two possible reasons why you don't Twitter, Facebook, or blog. Either-
1. You don't know how and your personal assistant draws the line at posting your status for you.
2. You're afraid of the embarrassment when no one accepts your friend invitations.
I guess you can continue your altruistic job and feel good about the fact that you're so selfless.


  1. Amen! I loved it, you said it perfectly and the nail has been hit on the head! I heard someone say that they felt blogging was a way to "show off". Again, it's how you choose to see it and what kind of person you are that determines your veiw of blogging. I am more than happy to celebrate with my friends in the wonderful things that happen in their lives. And I would hope they would in return. If they're brave enough to post the not so fabulous events, sometimes the heartwrenching moments - more power to them. I'd hope they'd know one more friend out there is thinking of them, praying for them and just plain old caring for them. In all the years we lived in Balmoral you and I never got to know one another as we should have. I'm glad we have this forum to do that. =)


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