We're all thinking the same thing today, aren't we? It's kind of sad to say that the events of 9/11 don't cross my mind very often. We say, "We'll never forget.", but in the day to day of our lives, we do. Forget. I didn't know anyone who died that day. I live 2000 miles away. It's hard to keep something in mind when it's so distant.

The same thing can be said of our spirituality. How many times do the scriptures talk about 'remembering'? Because, in our everyday lives, with kids and jobs, housework and mortgages, we tend to lose focus. Our Heavenly Father, knowing our nature, gave us helps for our memory lapse. The gospel is filled with symbols that are given to help us recall what's really important.

Now, don't think I'm crazy, I have a point. Growing up, I always thought that our national anthem should have been 'God Bless America'. It seemed more moving and beautiful than the 'Star Spangled Banner'. Why have a song about our flag? September 11 completely changed my point of view. In the days that followed the attacks, flags were everywhere. I distinctly remember this construction truck that had a HUGE flag attatched to the back of it. I didn't have a flag. It had never seemed that important to have one. Now, when I needed one, there were none to be found. I realized, as I saw those banners swaying in the breeze, how important that symbol was to America. Seeing the stars and stripes brings such emotions of pride and love for our country. Standing when the flag passes makes me feel patriotic. I understood, then, that this symbol of our freedom was important to help us remember- who we are and what incredible blessings we have to live where we do. I also understood that having a national anthem about our flag, our symbol, was not a coincidence or a mistake.

I think about Francis Scott Key writing that song. Our country was under attack then, too. The flag flying was a symbol to him and to the soldiers who were fighting that they were fighting for something. They were fighting for their lives, their families, their freedom. The flag helped them remember and go on.

That's what it can do for us today. My heart has been so heavy, (not helped by the videos I watched on youtube). But, it's good, I suppose, to see it every now and then. So, we can remember how it felt. So, we can pray it never happens again. So, we can remember that there's hope. And, with that hope, we can resolve to do better, to never forget.


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