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I know that I love conference weekend. When I was a kid it was the time when we got to stay in pj's on Sunday. As a teen, I remember taking notes for Seminary (hated it!). As a missionary, it was a much needed boost and a weekend free of the stress of normal missionary activities. Now that I'm a 'grown-up', it's much different. I guess I take it more seriously than I used to. Maybe in my mature state I've finally come to realize how important it is to take advantage of the opportunity to listen to a prophet's voice. When we sustained the Prophet and Apsotles as 'prophets, seers and revelators' it struck me how blessed we are to know what we know.
I know that we can have personal revelation. It still amazes me how so many people can get so many answers in the same scriptures. Conference is like that, too. We are so incredibly blessed to have a prophet and other leaders who teach us in our time, discussing the things we are going through right now.
So often, I talk about how I know that our Father in Heaven is aware of us. I believe that, yet sometimes I think I forget how it applies to me. It's easier, somehow, to tell others that He's aware of them, than it is to know He knows me. This weekend is a big reminder that I, too, am His child and on His list of those He will bless. I've often heard that if you go into conference weekend with a question that you've prayed about, you will get an answer during conference. I decided to try it.
Can I tell you that I got my answer in at least four talks today? I'm not trying to brag here, just making a point. My Heavenly Father heard my prayer (which, by the way wasn't a 'spiritual' question) and found a way to answer that prayer through the talks given, not once, but several times. (I'm a bit thick-headed, He probably knew I needed to hear it more than once. "Yes, Jewels, I'm talking to you.") What an overwhelming feeling. In this world with so many people, so many who are much more righteous and deserving than me, He took the time and effort to answer my prayer. He knows me and He loves me.
Which, of course, means He loves you. Yes, my sister-friends, (and any brother-friends who might be reading), He loves you and He knows what you're going through. He knows how hard it is to be patient when your kids are disobedient (He really knows that one!). He knows you're tempted by the things of the world and how you struggle to find a balance. He knows having children isn't easy, but He's so grateful that you've done it. He has all these spirit children in need of bodies and the fact that you're willing to bring them here and then raise them-can you imagine how grateful He is for that? He knows how hard it is to have teenagers, but He knows how they're at such a fragile time, and, again, He's thankful that you're willing to put up with them, trying to be positive in the midst of their negativity, that you haven't strangled them or put them out on the street. He knows you and the secret longings of your heart, your dreams that you don't tell anyone because they seem too outrageous or silly. He doesn't think they're silly. He wants you to succeed. He wants you to be happy. So, He sends us prophets, and apostles, and bishops, and teachers, and friends, who are inspired to say the things we need to hear just when we need to hear them. Because He knows when we need to hear them. He knows. He loves us and He knows us. If I got nothing else from this conference weekend, I got that. A boost to my testimony that He knows. And, really, that's all I need to know.


  1. Conference was great. I can't wait to read it again.


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