Love Story, part one- You Had Me at Grand Am

My husband and I met a long, long time ago in a faraway land called Buffalo. We were both serving as missionaries for our church. Don't get all self-righteous, we did not have a mission romance, though we both had companions who did. Nope, we were friends. After we got home and got rid of the ones who were waiting for us- ok, waiting means different things to different people. My husband's girlfriend actually waited, sitting home for 2 years knitting dish towels and collecting recipes for her hope chest. My-ahem-boyfriend waited only in the context that he didn't get married or father any children before I got home. Well, I know he didn't get married, anyway.
So, fast forward to July and we started dating. One Sunday night (after our scripture study) he took me to the car lot where his brother worked. The lot was closed and he took me there to show me the car he was planning to buy. It was a Dodge Shadow (I think, I'm not a 'car-girl'). There were a couple of the Shadows and he was showing me them when I looked at the end of the lot and saw it. If I'd been in a movie, there would've been a light from heaven shining down and angelic voices singing in the background. "la, la, la, laaaaaaa....."

Not being a car chick, you might be surprised that I could love a car, but I did. I'd only seen it on tv and as more fortunate people drove past me in one. The Pontiac Grand Am. Oh, I wanted that car. I told him, "There's the car you should buy." We walked over and looked at it. It was beautiful- 'box of chocolates, first baby, in love' kind of beautiful. It was even the right color. We drooled for a minute, me over the car and him over me, then we went home. He kissed me chastely on the cheek and left me at 10pm. (Mwha, ha, ha. Good thing my kids don't read this.)

The next day, he came over to see me. "Do you want to see my car?" Oh, yeah, the Shadow. I walked outside- angels singing- there it was. He bought my car. That pretty much sealed it, I knew then that he was going to marry me. Two weeks later, he gave me my own key. Girls, that's better than a diamond where commitment is concerned. Of course, I did make him buy me a diamond, otherwise, I'd be wearing a Grand Am key on my left hand.

18 years later, the car is long gone, tho' we both still talk about how much we loved that car. We had a lot of really nice memories in that automobile. Nowdays, my car is functional. I have no sentimental attatchment to it. But, then, it doesn't represent how my sweetheart feels about me. He might say that he bought the Grand Am because it was a nice car (it was) or because it was so sporty and fast (true). The truth is, he bought it because I wanted it and that was the beginning of him doing things just because it makes me happy. What more could a girl wish for?



  1. That is a great story! Thanks for sharing. No wonder you love him.


  2. I remember that car. And I remember you drove with the emergency brake on while running errands and told me to never tell Guy. Don't know why I remember, but kinda funny!

  3. That was a fun post! We were lucky to have a car when we were first married. Good luck with your other wish! ;)

  4. Oh but I must follow now because we are like kindred spirits with the same twisted sense of humor!

    Your car story sounds kinda like my car story with my husband, but we met at his house, not on a mission. And he had a customized truck, that is now an eyesore (well just to me). And he took over my SUV payments before we were married and then a year later I got a ring after we already got married, by a Baptist priest with a dancing monkey show. Ok, TMI.

    Come by and check us out so you will know who is stalking your blog now.


  5. I just read this post...finally! I needed the smile so much - what a fantastic memory and story! Thanks for sharing...and yeah (cough!) I'm pretty sure the deal was sealed with a chaste kiss on the cheek! (wink)


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