The Pan Fairy

Our dishwasher has been broken for almost a year. I didn't leave it broken to teach my kids a lesson. Nor did I do it because I loved hearing them complain. It was the age-old reason of being too far down the list of priorities. Obviously, if it had been the washing machine, it would've been fixed right away. But, that's because we can't feasibly wash our clothes by hand. Dishes are a different story.
I know my kids got tired of me telling them how I grew up washing dishes by hand. How we used to tell my mom she needed to go on Price is Right and win a dishwasher. To which she would reply, "But, I already have three of them." How it was a great preparer for them for their missions because they would most likely not have a dishwasher there. They got tired of me and I got tired of them. All of that exhaustion did not expand the budget, so the dishwasher stayed broken.
I don't know why they think dishes are that bad. Honestly, I buy a lot of paper bowls and plates because I get tired of the mess. They have never had to wash as many dishes as I did when I was that age. It's funny, to see how their personalities come out in a simple chore. My daughter has some very strong feminine vibes in her. She does a fantastic job, always finishing, including wiping down the table and sweeping the floor. (I'm not sure the boys even know where we keep the broom.) My ten year-old is good, too. He'll ask to take breaks, but in the end, he'll get it done. The one who is the worst? My oldest.
He's seventeen and stands at 6 foot 4. You'd think he'd be tough, but when it comes to the kitchen, he's a wimp. It will seriously take him 3 hours to do a 20 minute job. What does he do for all that time? I don't know. He stands there, thinking, I guess. {Start thinking about the dishes!} Then, he'll go bug his brothers who are on the Wii. Then, he'll sit on the floor, so I can't see him. {If I can't see you, you obviously aren't doing the dishes.} It is sooo frustrating. We yell, we talk calmly, we sit in the kitchen with him. Nothing helps.
Last week, we finally got the dishwasher fixed. (Thank you, IRS!) I told my kids I expected no more complaining about the dishes. They were to do them right away without being told over and over. Last night, my second son loaded the dishwasher, then went to watch TV. I asked him, "What about the pans?" 'What pans?' Oh, maybe the ones I used to cook the dinner? 'I didn't see any.' Really? Not even the crock pot that was on the counter above the dishwasher??? Then, I asked my favorite question, "Do you think the pan fairy is going to come in the night and wash them for you?" I don't have to see the eye roll, I can feel it.
"Don't they make dishwashers that wash pans?" he wants to know.
"Yes, and we'll buy one as soon as you all move out!"


  1. I'm so glad to hear other teenage boys aren't perfect! I often find myself saying, "Seriously?"!

  2. I think someone in my house -- that is about 6 foot thinks there is a pan fairy too -- maybe it's a gender thing..or height?:)

  3. That's AWESOME! Love this!~ We don't have a sucks.


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