3:45 pm

The kids are home and in between web-surfing and trying to watch Law and Order reruns, I have conversations with them.
"Mom can I have a marker. Cuz this girl in my class has a marker. And I don't want to use just a pencil on my skeleton notebook."
(Me) "How about a pen?"
"No, a marker." He points at the mug which I keep on a shelf high in my room for obvious reasons. (You should see my walls! Too bad magic erasers don't remove sharpie!)
(Me) "No way, you cannot have a sharpie. How about a red pen?"
"No, I need a marker."
I get the mug and find a neon green Crayon eraseable marker. "Will this work?"
"YES! Can I use it to color my skateboard?"
Right now he's coloring the wheels green.

I hate it when I'm not here when they get home. I feel like I miss something very important. But, with kids in high school, jr. high and elementary, sometimes the schedule requires me to be gone at that magical time. I grew up with a mom who worked as a neccesity. I don't fault her for it, she was and is a fabulous mother. I'm just so grateful that I can be home with my kids.

"Can I be first on the computer? I'll do my homework." Like not doing it is an option-whatever.
(Me) "Do your homework and read." Eyes roll. "Read 10 minutes. Do you know what a compromise is? I give up something and you give up something. So, ten minutes."
"How about 5 minutes?"
(Me) "Ten."
"Three?" The boy knows how to haggle.
"OK, fine, ten." Then he grabs my diet Coke and gives me that 'you can't resist me' smile before taking a swig. Gotta love em.


  1. Oh, the old Love/Hate relationship with the Sharpies!! Have you ever seen the show about the guy that wrote The Last Lecture? His parents totally let him draw on his bedroom walls, as much as he wanted to.

  2. I LOVE Law & Order! And this is a very funny post J. Thanks for sharing with us! =)


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