Dear Complaint Dept.,

I try not to complain. Well, that's not true. I think I probably complain alot. I don't notice, my family does, I'm sure. But, sometimes, you have good reason. Like last Friday. I went to get some new glasses. I've wanted new ones for a while, but couldn't justify buying new ones when I had a perfectly good, altItalichough out-of-style, pair. Then, fate stepped in and as I took my unfashionable glasses off one morning, they broke. Just like that. Honestly, I didn't do anything. I'm thinking that all the times my little one took them and tried to put them on stressed them to the point that they couldn't take it anymore, and they gave up. Whatever the reason, I didn't care. I now had an exuse to get some cute new glasses. :)
I had to wait a couple weeks, during which time I wore my taped, well, band-aided, glasses. (We were out of duct tape and plain scotch tape didn't hold.) Then, on Friday we went to America's Best. Big Hunk went with me, since he had the day off. I started looking at frames in the 'cheap' section and finally found a couple that I liked. My husband didn't like them, so he had to go sit down and stop giving opinions. I took the glasses to the counter and the girl looked at them and said, 'Oh, these have to have the blah-blah more expensive lenses, and that'll cost $132 extra.' Wait. A. Min. It. The glasses that you advertise as two for $69.99 are now going to cost me triple that???? Oh, I was not happy. I went back to the wall and looked and looked at the cheap glasses and could not find a single pair I liked. Maybe it was because I was so mad, I don't know and I don't care. It just seems dishonest to bring people in with the promise of a good deal and then tell them it's going to cost so much more. Hmph!
I ended up going to Eyemasters on Saturday (with my sister, Marsha, who was a great help and liked the same glasses I did!) I got two super cute and very fashionable pairs of glasses that even match my hair. (That's what the sales lady told me.) As for the more expensive lenses, they offered, very politely and not at all pushy. I said no and she said, "OK." It was great and I would recommend Eyemasters to anyone who needs glasses. And, if you're going, take your sister, she'll be much more helpful!


  1. I do like your new glasses and I completely agree with the sister part.

  2. Ha ha ha! I wouldn't take Phil either. He never likes what I like, and they're MY glasses (well I don't wear glasses anymore, but you know what I mean). I'd like to see some pics please!


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