A Return to Virtue

In the Wal-Mart parking lot today I happened to see a bumper sticker. They had switched the first letters of two words. That way, they didn't actually swear, but you knew very well what they were meaning. I did not appreciate that. I was just minding my own business, going to buy bread and Whoppers and now I had a disgusting phrase in my head. What is it with this world that others have to share their low standards with the rest of us? On a bumper sticker, no less. We need to go back a few decades to where being clean and moral was the popular thing to do.
A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go downtown for auxiliary training with the General Young Women's Presidency. Sis. Dalton (YW President) spoke about a 'return to virtue' .( If you want to see her talk on the subject, go here- youth.lds.org and click on Mormon Messages for Youth.) I was considering her use of the word 'return'. I thought this was interesting. It implies that we were virtuous and perhaps have somehow lost our way. We were most definitely born virtuous. I went to see my two brand new nieces on Saturday. Twin girls, fresh from Heaven. So pure and sweet and innocent. You just want to build a wall around them to keep them that way, to keep out the influences of this world that would try to change them. Of course, we can't build any walls and part of our test is to live in this world, no matter how evil it may be. Also, I think this world was more virtuous. Society viewed virtue as something to aspire to, unlike now when it is something looked down on and even mocked.
It's such a struggle for our youth, being bombarded by Satan and his followers. With media an ever-present part of thier lives, it's almost imposssible to keep them away from it. Forget building a wall when they're babies, we need a fortress around these teenagers!
I'm encouraged, though, because I see so many good kids. Kids who go to church and their Mutual activities. Kids who go to do baptisms on a date and aren't embarrassed to be at a casual activity in church clothes. I see kids who are trying to turn thier backs on the world and instead embrace the gospel. They read their scriptures and give service. They pray with sincerity. Hopefully, these good kids will be shepherds and help bring back the ones who stray. I loved it when Sister Dalton said, 'You must never underestimate the power of your righteous influence." They are virtuous, lovely, of good report and praiseworthy. They truly are powerful, and our job is to help them see that, to unleash that power as they go forth. The adversary must shake at the thought.


  1. Don't you just pray every day that your children will make it through that day with as few battle scars as possible? They have so much to battle against, it's frightening as a mother and I often don't feel adequate. Lots of praying!!


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