Not Hawaii or the Hamptons

Oprah and I have something in common. Nope, not wealth or fame. We both have second homes. I know, you're shocked, but it's true. Here's hers (in Hawaii)-

And here's mine (not in Hawaii)-

Honestly, I'm there so much, I should keep a toothbrush and jammies in the bathroom. I realized on Saturday that maybe I'm a bit too comfortable there. I was shopping with the Hunk when he said to me, "Looks like it's prom night." Well, I expected to see some couple in their prom outfits walking around. With the way they do dates these days, I wouldn't be surprised. What I saw instead, was a young mom. She was decked out. She had on one of those long dresses that are so popular right now, the kind the rest of the world wears alone, but here in Utah they wear them with a t-shirt underneath. It was cute, but what got the comment from my husband was her hair. It was in an up-do. Not just a pony tail or bun, an honest-to-goodness, lots-of-bobby-pins-and-hairspray, up-do. Yeah, she looked great. Her young husband was probably proud of the fact that his wifey would take such care in her appearance when they ventured out to Wal-Mart. Her baby boy was in the cart, cute and quiet and perfect. The only way I get that kind of cooperation from my kids is if they're asleep! I remember what I was wearing, jeans and a sweatshirt. I was most likely without a bra (one of the few perks of being 'un-endowed' is that you can go braless with certain shirts, baggy sweatshirts being one). I had on flip flops. My hair, well, I did style it, though I can't guarantee that it looked like it. It was rainy and windy, what do you expect? I don't even own bobby-pins.

So, clearly, I'm a little too 'at home' at that store. My husband doesn't complain about me looking like I do. Obviously, he's the one who pointed her out. He's been with me so long he's used to it. Did I look like that when we were first married and had just one child? I don't think so. Maybe I should care more. Maybe I should make that a goal-to get dressed up to go to the store. Aw, man, then I'd have to do it everyday. That is not going to happen. Let's be real. I'll set a more attainable goal, to wear a bra when I go.


  1. Ha ha ha!! Some days Walmart considers themselves fortunate because I actually showered before entering. Unless I'm goin' OUT out, I make very little effort. Too much to do to spend time pinning my hair! I do have to wear a bra though.

  2. So funny! I HATE going to Walmart but I'm there almost everyday too...maybe we should have a slumber party there! Oh and if I wasn't wearing a bra the song "swing low..sweet chariot" would be playing in everyone's mind.


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