With Friends Like That

Sometimes, my friends make me feel lousy. They don't mean to. It's my fault, really. If I didn't compare myself to them, I'd be fine. It's hard, though, not to. Compare. I just feel like I don't get much done compared to them.
For instance, I have several friends who are runners. Two of them ran the Ogden Marathon on Saturday. 26.2 miles. I was going to go to the marathon, not to run it for heaven's sake. I'm lucky if I can drive 26.2 miles without getting tired. I wanted to be there at the end, to congratulate them. I forgot. Was I so very busy with all my glamorous life that it slipped my mind? Sure, if you consider laundry and plasma donation glamorous. So, instead, I heard about it afterwards. (Sorry for not showing up, I was thinking about you and you're sweaty accomplishment.)
Today isn't much better. I'm sitting here in my pj's, my hair in that lovely 'just-got-up' style that makes my kids cringe. I've been out of the house at least. I drove my 3 younger ones to the bus stop so they wouldn't have to stand out in the rain. I should feel good since I was the only mom thoughtful enough to do this. The other kids had to stand out there and get wet. I'd like to say I went to workout this morning, but I didn't. It was a long night.
First, I was up late writing. This is nice, now that I have my laptop, because I can sit on my bed and write. Bug Hunk sleeps through anything (seven babies, he never lost a night), so I can sit in the dark and type. I would've kept going, but, after an hour, I felt what could've been a spider on my arm. I brushed my arm, then the bed, but I got paranoid in the dark, imagining a spider somewhere on me. So, I turned off my laptop, brushed the bed again, and tried to sleep. The stupid dog kept waking me up with his noises. Finally, I drifted off. But, that wasn't the end of it. If I'd taken a picture of my bed this morning, you'd understand. You would've seen my husband and I on opposite sides, hugging the edges of our king-size mattress. In the middle of the bed you'd see not one, but two children. They showed up at different times during the night, and being tired, I just let them crawl in.
So, here I am this morning, imagining my running friends all perky and happy after their gazillion mile run. I'm thinking that I'm the only one who hasn't done anything worthwhile, and who doesn't know if she will do anything worthwhile all day. Maybe I need some new friends, some lazy, sloppy women who will make me feel better about myself. If you know anyone like that, let me know.


  1. You just quoted my life lately!!

    It's 10:43 and I just rolled out of bed, I have my period, recovering from strep throat, my bedroom smells like dog urine, and the boys bedroom -- I don't even know what that smell is..but it's something mixed with urine -- probably boy urine! I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks because I've been so behind on camera straps and this PTA thing is already gonna kill me. BTW, wanna help with PTA?:)
    I'm off to sew -- hope that made you feel better....yours made me feel better.:)

  2. I know someone like that and you know her too. It's me! I'm glad we're friends. =)

  3. me me me! I'll be your friend...I'm lazy and sloppy too!

  4. Um, may I speak...

    Will it make you feel better if I tell you my house looked like a bomb went off while I was galavanting around the Ogden Canyon? Will it make you feel better to know that I gained weight while training because I couldn't control my munchies!? And will it make you feel better to know that I don't think you're lazy, and unproductive. Anyone raising more than two children works harder than I do. And don't forget your talent, writing. Not everyone can do that, it's a gift many of us wish we had. I understand your feelings, I've been there. My time and opportunity came and I took it, yours will too.

  5. Some days I DO get up to workout and then I never get out of my workout clothes until night time and then I think....what the heck! I'm just going to get up and do it all again!? My kids groan when I pick them up wearing the same workout clothes I dropped them off in "Mom, have you not even had a shower!?" Nope, been too busy, cleaning, cooking, monitoring laundry, pee/poop cleanup, running people to/from school, catching up on Lost and Glee...you know the important things in life!" I am definitely your friend, even when I do get in a workout and believe me there are plenty of times I don't! :D hugs!

  6. Oh yeah....and my house ALWAYS smells like urine because I have a sweet little 5-year old princess that likes to pee our her feelings instead of talk about them - top that one! :D


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