Blessings Counted

After number 6 was born, we were in a dilemna. We had a van that fit 5 kids. Eventually, we were able to buy a used Surburban. I LOVED that car. It was so great being able to have a seat belt for all the kids. It was big and pretty ugly, but it did it's job.
Then, three years ago, the Suburban began to die. Not a calm, quiet death, but a loud, screaching-when-you-start-it demise. I was desperate to get rid of the thing. So, when we started considering what to do, I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life.
"Let's just buy another small car." (My husband has an Escort that he drives to work.) "We'll have to take two cars when we all go together, but it won't be a big deal."
This was my suggestion. Mine. I own this stupidity. At first, it wasn't a problem. I was so happy to have a car that worked without problems, I looked past the inconvenience.
Fast forward three years and countless family parties, reunions, church, campouts and trips to wherever and I am done. Driving isn't my favorite thing. I don't hate to drive, it just isn't something I love to do. I'd much rather sit in the passenger seat with Big Hunk behind the wheel. I can concentrate on him and the kids and he can deal with the road and traffic.
So, am I posting this because we're getting a new car? Ha! I wish! No, I will still be puttering around Layton in my Contour. The difference is that after two summers of not being able to take all my kids with me anywhere, this year we can all go!
Have I mentioned my teenagers' jobs at the scout camp? Oh, I love this camp. My older boys have been going there for 4 years. They leave each morning at 7 and get home around 3:30. It's heavenly! And, this year, my daughter is old enough and she's going as well. That leaves me with 4 kids at home. Four. Guess how many seat belts I have in my car? Yep, four.
This has made facing this summer so much better. I have plans. We're going to the library and the park and oh, I don't even know where all we're going, but we're going! It's amazing the sense of freedom this brings.
You know the 'Count Your Blessings' song? This summer, I'm counting the blessing of having my teenagers busy and not fighting at home. (I hope they don't fight at camp, but that's the director's problem!) I have the blessing of being able to go places with my kids. And, if you have a car that fits your whole family, count yourself blessed as well.


  1. Never had that problem. Our debate was: "Do we get a car big enough for the kids to each bring a friend?


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