We live close enough to Hill Air Force base, that if it's quiet in the house (rare) at 7:30 am, we hear revelry playing. I'm not sure if it means 'get up' or 'better be at work' for them, but I think it's the latter. I've driven past the base at 6-ish and it looks like a mega-marathon with all the runners and walkers. What I was thinking as revelry played, was that the pilots must have thought, 'What the heck, we've been up for hours.' They were. They gave me a nice 5am wake-up call this morning. I swear every plane in their fleet took off, one right after another. Then, they did it again at 6. (Also, they were taking off last night at 10:40. Busy day for those guys.)

I don't mind being awakened in this manner. (I was already awake at 5-phooey!) I LOVE jet noise. I have loved it ever since we moved here. It's thrilling to hear the roar of the engines as they fly right over my house. When we first lived here, I used to run out to my backyard to watch them. I don't do that anymore, and many times, I don't even notice when they're flying. But, I still love to watch them and will pause in the Wal-Mart parking lot to gaze at them. Unlike my husband, I have NO desire to ever fly in one. I'm happy to just watch. I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate me puking in their cockpit, anyway.

These planes are a reminder to me that we live in an amazing free country. And it also helps me remember and appreciate all those people who put thier lives at risk so I can enjoy the lifestyle that I do. It's a little early, but Happy Independence Day to all of you.


  1. I woke up to that too this morning! I often wonder, when they do that, if they are all taking off to protect us from some attack.

  2. I agree with you, they are something I have become accustomed to. I love listening to them, and when I am outside I will also pause to watch them. I agree with Michelle, I sometimes wonder if they are taking off to protect us.

  3. Philip would love to have the "Hill" in his backyard. We get the Blackhawk hellicopters out here, but that's all. He too would love to fly in a jet one day.


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