Things I Learned This Week

Here are a few lessons learned this week-

  • When you send your husband and three boys to scout camp, you should not save your worry for the ones under 18.

  • Buying shoes for camp at DI is a very good idea. ($8 Nikes, not bad.)

  • A freshly sharpened ax will cut straight through $8 Nikes, skin and the tendon to your toe.

  • Taking your husband to the doctor is very different than taking your kids. (Did you realize your husband could answer for himself? Took me a while.)

  • If you sever the tendon to your second toe, your surgeon will give you the option of not having surgery, thus leaving you with a floppy toe for the rest of your life.

  • Men do not want to have any appendage on their body referred to as 'floppy'.

  • Hose on men- not sexy. Putting TED hose on your man- a little bit sexy.

  • A hospital can fancy-up their cafeteria with a cool name-Mountain View Cafe and Grill- but, it's still hospital food.

  • Having your husband home for a week is fun, having him home for a week in bed on Lortab, not so fun.

  • A man who takes a total of 5 sick days in 18 years does not do well having to miss 2 weeks of work.

  • My neighborhood is amazing! From babysitting at the drop of the hat to bringing in meals, when they say, "If there's anything I can do..." they mean it!!

Overall, I learned that I am loved, I am blessed, and, as my last post said, I am watched over.


  1. Ha ha - I answer for Matt too! hard to break that habit!

    have fun at girls camp!

  2. sad.I hope his foot's feeling better. And I love that you answered for funny!

  3. Floppy toe!!!!! hahahahaha!!!!


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