Jail Time

Have you ever been to jail? I went last week. No, I didn't finally lose it and lock my kids in the basement for the day. We went for Young Women's. I wouldn't say it was fun, but it was educational and enlightening. Here's a few things I learned-

  • When you arrive, you do not get to keep your cute sweater and slacks like Ashley Judd did in 'Double Jeopardy'. You are strip searched (it's even more awful than the word makes it sound.) and given some recycled underwear-brown- and clothes. This happens in front of a deputy. There is no privacy in jail.

  • You get to sit in a holding cell with several other people for up to 3 hours. It's one room with windows so the deputies can see in and the toilet is just there on the wall. There is no privacy in jail.

  • There are cute women police officers. I always thought when I saw TV cops that there weren't any that looked like that in real life. Our deputy, Kassie, proved that wrong.

  • A cute deputy is still a cop and can be very honest and brutal. She may be kind to the visitors, but is all business with the inmates.

  • A county jail has both men and women. The men are scary, especially if you're with a group of 14-17 year-old pretty young things.

  • The men are also scary if you are a bishopric counselor who is really hot. I pointed this out to Brother R. He would've had alot of friends!

  • The women are also scary and some are very big! (Deputy Kassie showed us their undies-wow.)

  • There is no privacy in jail. Did I already say that? No bars, but lots and lots of windows. We saw women talking to their visitors over the tv (no actual, one-on-one visits), sitting in classes and one who was crying really hard.

  • A sweet-looking young woman could actually be a criminal. She may have been brought up in an LDS family and look the part, but she could have stolen thousands of dollars from her parents and spent lots of time in jail for theft and drugs. She may have a hard time staying out of jail, even when given the chance at a new life. We learned this while listening to Lauren tell us about her experiences. She's 24 and I could be her mother. I fought tears the whole time she talked to us. She's sure that when she gets out this time (about 30 days from now) she'll be able to stay clean and work toward the future she desires. I'd like to think she'll do it. I have my doubts and I'm sure her parents do, too.

  • Jail is mean, jail is rough, jail is cold. Jail is necessary.

  • Jail is sad.

It was great because the girls got the chance to see that there are concequences to our choices. They got to hear how anyone can end up there if they make enough wrong choices.

It was a great reminder to me of the importance of the atonement. We all make wrong choices everyday. Not ones that will land us in jail, but mistakes nonetheless. Thankfully, our Heavenly Father knew this and provided a way for us to repent. It's our job to take the Savior's hand and start again and make the new life He offers us.


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