A Promise

On Tuesday, I found two yellow leaves on my car. These beautiful golden leaves said one thing to me......

Heavenly Father is smart. I'm sure that doesn't surprise you. Here's one reason why. He knew that his children would be fickle. He knew that when we get all excited for the warmth of spring, it would only take a few months of that warmer weather before we want something different. Those glorious days of warmth when we could shed our winter clothes and relish the sunshine. Those days change to the suffocating heat of August. Then, He probably knew He would hear his children say things like,

"I don't care if winter and cold will follow-I'm done. I'm tired of being hot. I'm tired of being sweaty. I'm tired of straightening my hair just to have it curl on the ends because of the sweat on my neck. I'm through having my own little river trailing down my back. I'm done. Bring on fall."

And, so, in HIs great wisdom, He planned the seasons.

There's a magic to those first promising days when the weather cools. I'm not sure how air gets crisp, but it does. Like a potato chip. Crisp. I can get my sweatshirts out of the closet. Turn off the swamp cooler (are swamps actually cool?) and open the windows wide. I'll get out my fall decorations (my favorite!) and buy a new candle with a name like 'pumpkin bread' or 'apple spice' and my house will smell like fall.

I'm not sure if the leaves I found were just a fluke. I haven't seen any on the trees. And , though we've had a couple of cooler days, I know we're headed back to hot days next week. That's ok. It'll come. The promise will be fulfilled and I can leave the summer behind to immerse myself in Autumn.


  1. Yay, I love Autumn too!! I love the smells, the colors and the coolness! I think summer is my least favorite, I don't deal with the heat well. Thanks for the little precurser, I'm getting excited now!


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