Breaking # 10

I've spent my morning reading blogs. Amazing blogs by amazing women. I sometimes wish I were their friend, but then I know it wouldn't work. Because I'm so jealous of them. They have these great, popular blogs about their fascinating lives with hundreds of followers. I should know, I'm one of them. I can't start my day without knowing what's going on in their lives. Pathetic. It's the dorky-girl/cheerleader thing all over again. Also, my friend is in Hawaii-again. Didn't she just go to Hawaii? Oh, no, that was a whole year ago. Sheesh, what was I thinking? I'd really hate her if she weren't so fabulous. And if I didn't love her so much. I don't have a problem with most of the other 9, no killing or adultery here. Maybe a little problem with the Sabbath day, but that's only when I'm unprepared and have no diet Coke to get me through all the spirituality. (Ok, and maybe a little false witness sometimes- "I know the door is locked, hang on! I'm talking to dad!") But, coveting, hmm, maybe I should've added that to my last post. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have such wonderful friends. Perhaps I should try to surround myself with a lower class of women, or I could visit the jail more. I did not covet those women's lives. Whatever, I guess I just need to work on that one (and the others) more. Or maybe I should just stay off the internet.


  1. I had to read your door is locked a couple of times to get it. I guess Will has been gone Waaaaaay to long. :) Don't worry, it finally clicked - that's not false witness, that's choosing to not scar your children or explain yourself in the morning.

  2. I also have this same exact problem....*sigh*

  3. I just stay away from all those really popular blogs, they can be very intimidating!! I just keep to reading my friends blogs and I miss it when they stop posting. (picture a very sad face) As for Hawaii, you'll be glad to hear I gained a few too many pounds and am now regretting a few of my meal choices, I have really bad jet lag, I had nightmares about the very real fire that was just miles away from my children at home while I was there. But all the other good stuff will be posted along with the bad later on my blog. (picture an evil grin here) I'm glad you don't hate me!! (picture my cute innocent smile here)


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