How to Celebrate Your 44th Birthday

Here's a few tips on how to successfully celebrate your birthday when you get to be old like me.

  • Start celebrating the day before your birthday.

  • Spend the night in a hotel with your sweetie. No kids, no phones, no cooking dinner, no kids, no laundry, no housework, no kids.

  • Sit in a hot tub a couple of times.

  • Stay up very late writing because you know you can sleep in.

  • Eat fattening food, don't worry about it because you're 44 now, been married forever and he still loves and desires you, so, who cares?

  • Sleep in.

  • Let the hotel make you breakfast.

  • Go home to the kids and have them all say, "Happy Birthday, Mommy." (yes, I have teenagers and, yes, they call me mommy)

  • Ignore the fact that you have kids and a household to run. Lay around all day, watching TV, playing on computer and don't do any housework.

  • Take a nap.

  • Go to the General Relief Society Meeting with your mom and sisters.

  • Be sneaky and eat pie and goodies with older sister while mom and younger sister wait for the meeting to start. (mmm, banana cream!)

  • Go out to dinner with the girls. Eat more fattening stuff, even dessert, and have lots of girl-talk.

  • Go to bed stuffed like a turkey without a thought as to what awaits you in the morning.

Obviously, I had a great day. (Thanks for all the facebook birthday wishes.) Now, back to reality. Maybe next year, I can figure out how to make my birthday celebration last a week!


  1. Sounds like you had a great day. Happy Birthday (a little late).

  2. Happy Birthday -- sounds like it was happy! I think a week celebration sounds great!!
    ~I'm going to have to be anonymous because I can't get my sign in to work:(

  3. How Truly deserve it!


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