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I think I know my brothers and sisters pretty well. For example, Jan's favorite cookie is peanut butter, she's very athletic and tends to drive without a seat belt. (You better stop or I'm telling Mom!) Peter loves banana cream pie and has 4 tattoos (that I know of). Marsha works very hard and would actually be able to tell you more about us, that's because she knows all of us the best. The adversary, as our brother, knows us well, too. He knows our weaknesses and strengths. He knows what works on us. For example, he doesn't tempt me with alcohol or drugs because those aren't a temptation. For others, of course, they would be. I wonder if he has a file on each one of us that he can refer to when his minnions need to know what to do. If he had one on me it would look like this- What Works on Jewels- 1. Proscrastination 2. Discouragement 3. Body Image I'm trying to recognize when these things pop up and the source they're coming from. Especially the procrastination one. I have to wonder why Satan wants so badly for me to not finish my book. Whatever it is, he's working really hard. Too bad for him. My goal is to finish before my birthday and I'm going to do it!! What does he use on you and how do you combat it? I'd really like to know. (especially the body image thing)


  1. I know what he uses on me -- most of the time, today I'm not doing a good job of combating it.
    I may have to comment another day when I'm "on top of it" :)

  2. For me, patience is at the top of the list. If he can get me even a little impatient, I am done. Sneaky little sucker. Body image is huge for me too (no pun intended). One day at a time, I guess.

  3. body image is top of my list for sure! I think it is for a lot of women. I recently realized Satan would not invest so much energy in downing women if we didn't mean so much to our Heavenly Father... still keeping that eternal perspective is painful some days... like today. You really are amazing.. and i can't wait to read your book!


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