Perchance to Dream

When my kids have a bad dream, they always come to me. Never dad. I know it's probably the whole mother-nurturing thing, but I think it's also partly because dad never remembers his dreams. He thinks it's weird that I remember mine, I think it's weird he doesn't. (And there you have the secret to our relationship- we're both weird.) So, he doesn't have the empathy about bad dreams. He's had them, I'm sure, but if you can't remember being chased by a little green martian (true dream from my youth) or having a bald head sticking out of a wall and biting you (also true), then you can't really understand what kind of terror will send a kid running to his mother's bedside with pleas of sleeeping in the safety of her bed. They're all getting a little big to 'climb in', so I usually make them a bed on the floor. I've warned Chip that he isn't allowed even that. At 6'4", I figure he's big enough to deal with nightmares on his own. I haven't had bad dreams for a long time, but the other night, they returned. They weren't like the ones when I was a kid. No wolves chasing me and forcing me to play hide-and-seek. (Those recurring nightmares I attribute to my aunt allowing me to watch 'Dark Shadows' as a kid.) More the 'something bad lurking around the corner' kind of dream. I woke up and it was windy and the blinds downstairs were banging the windows. I had to get up and fix that. Then, I tried to sleep again. I didn't sleep well. I woke up once with start, my heart racing, trying to focus my eyes in the dark (darkness plus really bad near-sightedness= lots of strange, creepy shapes). I don't have a mom to run to, but luckily, I don't have to sleep alone. So, I scootched over closer to my Big Hunk hoping his warmth and nearness would chase the bad dreams away. It worked. I got a little sleep. I told him about my night the next day. He was oblivious. He was busy dreaming dreams he would forget. He's so weird.


  1. Mmmmmhmmmm! I hate nightmares and it sounds like we both have great recall when it comes to the freaky stuff! I hate the one where you're desperately trying to get away from the bad....thing, and you can't run!! The faces coming out of walls though...had that one....don't even wanna talk about it. Creepy!!


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