As I Have Loved You...

Love One Another. I learned a great lesson on Saturday. My two oldest sons were going to homecoming. They had two other couples in their group. Richie had asked a girl I know and like alot. Chip asked a girl from school. I helped him make a cake and saw the balloons she brought to answer. He'd said she was 'in the group' he hangs out with at lunch. Ok. So, on Saturday, I went to their friend's house where they were having dinner to bring some food and take some pictures. I was surprised when I saw Mary, Chip's date. I'm not sure how to say this being politically correct. She was obviously different from the other kids. (I asked him later if she's in special ed. He said he thought so, but wasn't sure. ) I watched these 8 kids as they played games and had dinner, talking and teasing the way teenagers do. Mary was a little shy, but not so much that she missed out on anything. I was impressed by the way they all included Mary and acted as though she were no different from the rest of them. Later, I took pictures of the group in their fancy dance clothes. I thought how this was most likely the only time this girl had been a part of a group like this and it must've been a great night for her. (And, as a mom, I thought how her mother must've felt.) What I learned was how my son sees people. He never even thought to tell me that Mary was any different from his other friends. He told me that another girl asked him if he would ask Mary. Without a single hesitation, he said, 'sure'. He didn't treat it like a 'charity date', nor did he treat her like she was anything different than the other girls there. My heart swelled with love and pride for a son who cares so much for other people. I complain about him alot, but there are moments when I get a glimpse of the man he is becoming and it makes me happy.


  1. What a wonderful young man. You can be so proud of how you have raised him and it really reflects on you as his parents. This brought a tear to my eye as I thought of how our Heavenly Father was probably smiling down, saying "well done." What a blessing in her life. Give him a big hug and tell him there are those of us that he doesn't even know that are proud of him!

  2. Very cool. Not a lot of young men are confident enough with themselves to do something like that. His parents SHOULD be proud.

  3. That's so awesome!!! great post!!

  4. She was beautiful in the pics. That is awesome of him and the rest of the group for that matter, that she became just a regular girl for the day. I am sure, just like you are, that he made her day and made her feel like a princess. You have raised him well when he can view others as equals. Way to go to you and to him!


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