Baby, Baby

This morning, on the radio, I heard Amy Grant's song, "Baby, Baby". That song came out when I was pregnant with my first, Chip. I have a distinct memory of driving home from work one day and that song came on. Since I was finally still after a morning of interpreting, Chip was happily moving around in my extended tummy. I put my hand on my belly and sang at the top of my lungs. I was soooo happy to be having a baby. That was 18 years ago. My baby is taller than I'd ever imagined he'd be. He's an independent senior in high school. He has a date for homecoming tomorrow. He's not a baby anymore. But, when he's sick, I'm still his mommy. I can still take care of him, making breakfast, bringing him Gatorade and his medicine. I worry about him and still get those 'oh-my-gosh-I-hope-its-not-serious moments, especially when he gets ENORMOUS hives all over his body. Life goes on and many things change. The love of a mother never does.
When I took these pictures at the doctor's office, he said, "You're going to put those on Facebook, aren't you?"

"Facebook-shmacebook. I'm putting them on my blog!"


  1. That looks horrible!!! Poor guy! Homecomings gonna be fun with those hives all over.


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