This Week

Did you know that every week has some 'theme'? Days, too. Like today, October 9th is Leif Erikson Day- no kidding. The second week in March is National Procrastination Week, but, then, woudn't we put off observing that till the third week? I'm all for having more themes to my life, so let's start with this week.
It's National Oraganizing Week. In observance of this.....

... I organized my diet Coke.

(A girl has to have her priorities.)

What will you organize?


  1. This week I organized my fabric! (sort of)

  2. I've seen your fabric, that's a HUGE job!

  3. hahaha! That made me laugh! hmmm, I think I'll organize my closet. I'm terrible at hanging things back up.


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