Day 3 & 4

It seems that posting everyday is going to be more of a challenge than I thought. So, today, I'll do two. I'm thankful for the opportunity to get to know people. I went to high school with a girl named Cindy. I never liked her. She was very tom-boyish, never wore a dress, make-up or anything feminine. She played the drums in the band. I didn't know her well, but didn't really like her anyway. I can't even explain why. A couple years later, we ended up working at the same place. I was NOT thrilled. We spent all day together for weeks. Guess what? I loved her! She was funny and we had so much in common. We started hanging out and I was sad the day she left for her mission. We lost touch over the years, but I still remember her fondly. I recently had a similar experience where I got to spend some time with a woman I don't know well. I'll be honest, I'd made some judgements about her and decided I didn't really like her. After spending quite a bit of time with her, I learned about her and her life and found that I liked her alot. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to get to know her better and for being given the chance to repent of my judgements. Second, with the joys of PMS and the looming stress of the holidays, today, I am grateful for this-


  1. I have to agree on both. Interesting how so many times we judge others only to find out how wrong we are. Chocolate...I'm not a fan of chocolate, but lately...mmmm. I was just thinking how evil Mini Snickers are (as I popped four in my mouth).

  2. I love the perspective you shared in the first one. Funny how, when you give people a chance, you usually find common threads that can build friendships. I remember being told many years ago that any hurt feelings can be cured by a heavy dose of kindness to the offender. And darn if it isn't true! Most peeps are good, you just have to get to the core. Thanks for the reminder, I needed it.
    second, a picture says a thousand words! Very funny. We have more in common than you think!


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