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My heart is racing and my hands are literally shaking. How is it that a simple e-mail (well, 7 actually) could make me such a nervous wreck? Because they are e-mails to book agents and I sent them my query letter. Aaaah! It has taken me about 15 months to finish this novel, including the last few weeks of revising. When I began this undertaking, I really had no idea what I was getting into.

Do you have any idea how many people are writing books??


Do you know how many get published?

Not so much.

One of the agents' blogs I read shows how many queries she gets each week and how many she requests the manuscript for. It varies from 150-250 queries and she usually asks for 0 or 1 full manuscript. Not great odds. I didn't know, if I had, it might have intimidated me. The competition is fierce to say the least. So, here I am, a lowly Utah housewife with aspirations to-what? Fame isn't something I crave. I just want my books to sell. Of course, getting them published first would help.

Today's gratitude post is for the internet. I would have NEVER been able to get to this point without it. is a site I visit every time I write. Think of having to pick up a fat book and look up a word each time I need it, I shudder. Then, there's the site. This is where I learned about how to write a query, plus they have a huge list of agents and what kinds of books they represent. It was also here that I discovered all the agent blogs that I now read regularly.

I can't forget the computer. I don't know how writers did it with a typewriter. No backspace, spellcheck, cut, copy, paste or delete. Seriously, I began my writing career at the right time!

So, now, I wait. I'll be nervously checking my e-mail daily, hoping for those responses and at the same time, dreading them. Cross your fingers for me, or say a prayer, if you're so inclined. I know I will be. If not, just wish me luck.


  1. Good luck! And I'll pray too!!

  2. I'm praying for you! Can't wait to read what you have written.

  3. All of the above plus a little good mono for good measure coming your way!

  4. Have some faith! You're great and it's only a matter of time before those silly publishers see it too! GOOD LUCK - may your wish come true!


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