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The pros and cons to this site are many. I know there's controversy and people who think it's of the devil. I don't know about that. I do know that the reason I got on Facebook and the reasons I stay on are very different. I got on to keep track of my teenagers. I told them they could have an account only if I had access. So, I joined. I still keep track of my kids, but I do so much more. Here's a breakdown of my friends-

  • 41 family members including 3 of my kids, but not my husband.

  • 37 people from my old ward- they are now living everywhere from Utah to Idaho to Georgia.

  • 71 people from my current ward/neighborhood, including 16 Young Women and Young Men (we even have a 'group' just for them)

  • 4 of my kids' friends

  • 13 high school classmates

  • 10 misc. friends of which there are 2 missionary companions, one friend since kindergarten, one woman who shares my name and 2 ex-boyfriends.

  • One leggo character named Buckie Magoo.

So, today, I am thankful for facebook. I've never been very good at keeping in touch with people. We'd move and I would think, "I'm going to do it this time, I'm going to stay in contact." and it never happened. Now, because of this silly site, I have contact and keep up with more people than I'd ever imagined. It may seem narcissistic to report what you're doing each day, but I love reading about everyone else. And I'll admit it, I like coming up with clever things to say. And I LOVE it when people comment. Oh, you like me, you really like me. ;)

I'm thankful for Mark Zuckerburg and his idea. "My name is Jewels and I'm a facebook junkie."


  1. Someone told Kowhai that her mom is always on Facebook. Oh well. I carry it with me everywhere I go. I never get bored. Stop light? No problem, I'll jump on Facebook and see who's up to what. I love that I can keep up with so many friends. And like you I love it when they comment. It's a little boost to my day.

  2. Oh yes, the warp zone, we loving call Facebook! It's like anything else.. moderation in all things... and where else can we stalk people and not get arrested? :)


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