'Look' Day 2

I made this advent when my teenagers were little. The kids love to put the hearts on the tree, also they like to take the caroler's hat off, which makes him bald. Then they call him Uncle Matt. (Who used to be bald.)
Who doesn't love snowmen? I have NO idea who gave me this one, but I adore him. He's made from an inside-out sock filled with beans. I could probably make one, but don't have to because I already have one. When you put a candle in this hat, it makes the coolest shadows.
Here's the latest in our nativity saga. I came downstairs and found that Mary had picked up the baby. Just in time as the lamb decided to climb into the manger. Joseph just looks like he doesn't know what to do.


  1. I love seeing all your Christmas things and hearing the stories behind them....I had one of those sock snowmen too and I think it came from Alisa Arveseth...


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