Friday, December 17, 2010

'Look' Day 3

Do you want to know one of my favorite things about Christmas-time? I know, you're waiting with bated breath. It's the doorbell. I already told you I'm not very social, so we don't have people coming over to visit. Our doorbell is pretty silent most of the time. When the holidays arrive, however, I get a few butterflies every time I hear it, because I know it might be a sweet neighbor gift. Tonight we got an ornament wrapped in a homemade hot pad. Like Malcom said, "It's two gifts in one!" Awesome! On to the decorations. The J* O* Y letters I made with my sister. They're really big and perfect

on top of my ledge in my front room. This is probably my favorite sleigh. (Wal-Mart special.)

Today found the baby and most of the animals on the roof of the nativity. Not sure how they got up there, but if you notice, Mary and Joseph look a bit upset.
On a more positive note, we found a new staff for the shepherd. He seems quite pleased.

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