Merry. Christmas.

With all the push for 'political correctness' at this time of year, there's something I need to say.
Merry Christmas

I don't understand why this is so offensive. I would say it to anyone. Whether you're Christian, Jew, Muslim or atheist. When I say it, I'm not saying, "Ooh, I hope you're Christian, too." That's not what this holiday is about. We're celebrating the birth of a Man whose life was about love and giving. I truly believe that Santa came from that, the spirit of giving. Why do you suppose we all feel so good this time of year? With all the commercialism, rush and stress aside, we're all thinking, really focusing, on giving to each other. Maybe if we focused on that throughout the year, thinking, "What could I give to my child, or spouse, or neighbor?", we'd be happier all the time.

Jesus Christ gave everyday and in the end, He gave, literally, all that He had. He loved everyone, it didn't matter what religion they were, sinner or faithful, He loved them all. As we celebrate His birth, we are also celebrating His life. So, when I say, "Merry Christmas", what I'm saying is, "If you believe in Jesus Christ, have a wonderful day celebrating Him." and, if you believe in Him or not, "Here's hoping you're happy and that your life is filled with giving and an abundance of love."

Merry Christmas!


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself. And I don't get offended when I hear Happy Hanakuah (did I spell that wrong) either. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Merry Christmas!! I'm late, but I'm still feelin' it!!


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