Temple Square

We took our young women to Temple Square to do baptisms today. None of them had ever been to the Salt Lake temple for this, so it was a real treat. Mother Nature cooperated, blanketing the city with a gorgeous Christmas snow. The temple workers asked the leaders if we would dress in white for the baptisms, which we did. I thought this was a unique opportunity for the girls to see us like that. Maybe I'm reading more into it, but there was a look in my daughter's eyes when she saw me. She admired the shiny fabric of my dress. I admire it, too. We ( the leaders) agreed that we feel beautiful in the temple. It isn't just the pretty dress, it's about being there in the house of the Lord. Perhaps for a little while we can see ourselves the way He sees us. It's the way we see the girls. Beautiful, amazing and full of promise. It's sad that as grown ups we need a reminder, but we do. The temple is a great place for that. It was also quite appropriate for the week of Christmas. To perform service in the temple. Helps keep our eye on the real reason. I'm so grateful for that. For the opportunity to step away from the world and the crazy stress of the season and sit quietly in the temple with thoughts of our Savior and what His life means to me. Yes, I had to come home and deal with the craziness, but it's nice to have that moment to reflect on.


  1. Those are my feelings exactly. It was a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks for making me cry again -- SHEESH!


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