We Can Be Happy

"We can be happy, even when bad things happen to us." This quote was from sacrament meeting today, spoken by a young man who has had lots of 'bad things' happen in his life. I've often looked at him and wondered how he does it. He he has a maturity and testimony that is rare in one so young. He went on to say that trials bring blessings. He clarified this in a most profound way, "Our trials make us humble which helps us recognize our blessings." So well said. So, with the Christmas season upon us, I hope we can find a way to be happy, no matter what our circumstance.


  1. I needed that this month - thanks Julie!

  2. Amen. Happiness is a choice. Sometimes life makes it an easy one, sometimes it does not. I'm always amazed by those that are always so bright and happy, then we come to find they've got these huge trials in their lives.


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