Embarrassing Questions

( Noah and his cake. He wanted DJ Lance Rock, but I am not that talented!)

Sunday evening we had a little get-together for Noah's birthday. Grandparents, cousins, a couple aunts and uncles. During the melee of having so many people in our home, Noah runs in the kitchen and in his loudest voice asks, "Does Grandma have a weiner?"

Oh crap.

So, here's the dilemma. Do I scold him for saying that word (which I've been trying to keep him from saying) or do I answer what, for him, is a serious question? He's that age, you know, where he's curious about these things. I mean, would it have been better if he'd asked if Grandma had a penis? Definitely not, because when I grew up, I thought that was a swear word and I'm sure I've never, ever heard my mom say it.

I told him not to say that word.

"Well, does she?"


I'm very grateful that I have the family I do. No one was fazed by it. We all just went on with our evening, eating Yo Gabba cake and talking. Endlessly talking. My friend asked me once what my sister and I did when I went over to her house.

Um. I had to think a minute.

"We talk. Mostly."

Maybe for other people that's weird. I don't know. My husbands family tries, but their 'talking' leans toward the arguing side. Not mad arguing, just, sort of, 'I know more than you and I'll prove it' arguing.

(The kids-not as interested in talking.)

Isn't it great that families are different? I mean, if my husband's family was exactly like mine, it'd be, well, weird. If they talked as much as we talk, I'd probably lose my voice, or my mind.

Here's a question- do you teach your kids the correct name for body parts? How does that work for you?


  1. Joss knows all the correct names for the body parts and uses them frequently. Embarrassing but whatever, who cares :)

  2. Oh Julie, You don't want to go down that road with me.
    Not only do we know the names and use them often -- but we give that good old "talk" at age 8 (at an appropriate level of course) and continue to keep it open.
    Personally I can't stand when people say things like "front bum and back bum" for a girl -- goodness, talk about confusion!:)

  3. We taught our kids the correct names, always talked to them about our bodies being temples and we shouldn't talk about them casually or with just anyone. Because somethings are talked about casually we refer to them as private parts, when we have a more serious discussion, we use their proper names.
    It never phases me when others use whatever terminology they choose, casual or not. Pretty easy going that way. He could have said weiner in front of me and I would have just chuckled to myself thinking it was totally cute that he'd ask. ALL kids go through that stage.
    My family also sits around and talks and talks and talks when we get together. We call it family therapy time. Sometimes we'll have activities, especially when the day is focussed on a child, but mostly we talk.

  4. We use the proper terminology. And I LOVE your new header...so cute!

  5. Love your barbie header...love your "Plex?" cake, love your correct body parts...etc etc etc! Love YOU!

  6. I'm reading this at work and can't stop laughing. One doctor looked at me like I was insane! I'm sure Diane didn't even blink an eye. Kids will be kids even if they know the proper name. Don't worry about it!


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