The Ulitmate Christmas Letter

I mentioned a 2011 Christmas letter in my last post. I didn't send one this year, really haven't for a while. Since I started my family blog, it seemed a bit redundant since most people I would send a letter to reads the blog and already knows everything that happened throughout the year. (wow, run-on sentence!) I like getting them, it's fun to find out what people I don't see often have been up to. I always wonder, though, how many people feel intimidated by them. I know I do. When I read how every one of your kids is a straight A student and on student council and in plays and the star of the football team and dating the prophet's great-granddaughter? Well, it makes my family seem- ordinary, or even, dare I say it?
Below average.
So, as a little belated Christmas gift, I am giving you the ultimate Christmas letter. This one will make you feel like your family is successful and brilliant, even if, like mine, they're lacking a bit. Feel free to print it out and put it up with your cards next year. Dear Family and Freinds- Wow, what a year we've had. I'm wiping the sweat off my brow as we speak. lol. Here's a rundown of what we've done. Liam is a senior at the alternative high school. He has lots of good friends who always seem to have money. It's nice for Liam, since his record makes it hard to get a job. He'll graduate this fall and then it's on to bigger and better things- manager training at Wendy's! Oh, and proud mom moment- he got a new tatoo

Liam's new year's resolution is to commit to just one girl. lol.

Becky is excited to be in high school this year. She's so popular, she's always texting someone. She loves music too, so between that and her phone, it's hard to get a word in. Which is ok because her tongue ring is still healing and it's hard for her to We had a bit of a scare back in October, but *whew* for once a negative test was a good thing! She's gotten so tall that she can now wear my clothes. I don't think I have a black thing left in my closet. Her new year's resolution is to quit smoking.

Dillon is my shining star. He's so super smart that I can't stand it. lol. His first jr. high report card was straight C's, you can see why we're so proud. He tried out for football, basketball, wrestling and the debate club. He's such a trooper and one of these days he'll get on a team, we just know it! His asthma is better, only using that inhailer twice a day. His new glasses are just the cutest thing. His new year's resolution is to try out for track. (fingers crossed)

Tank has been a stay-at -home dad since the construction company pulled a fast one and fired, I mean layed him off. He alwayz has some great project going in the garage. It keeps him so busy I almost feel like a single parent. lol. It's ok tho cuz he's my best freind and I can alwayz count on him to run to the store for me. His new year's resolution is to take an adult education course on basic car maintenance to expand his horizons.

Latesha (me, hee hee) is still working at the pawn shop. Between that and my weakend dumpster diving I keep us in food and reely stylish clothes, plus all the videos we can watch! I get to church every chance I can, dragging any kids who're awake. My calling as the nursery treat maker is great. My new year's resolution is to help Tank get a job and to save enough for that 'ogmentation' I've been dreaming about. lol.

Hope your new yeer is as bright as our will be, I'm sure. Love, the Tallamenkies (You're Welcome!)


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