Unnecessary Anonymity- Say that fast 5 times!

When I started this blog I had these grand ideas of how rich and famous it would make me. You know, like all those other famous blogs.
That obviously hasn't happened, which is ok. (Except, I'd really like the rich part.) So, when I started, I decided I would try to be anonymous- assign nicknames to my family members and not put any pictures of us on the blog. (Thus, the feet pics.) I've come to the decision that it's just not necessary. Pretty much everyone who reads this, knows me personally and those of you who don't- well I love you so much for reading that it doesn't matter. Besides, I have a hard time remembering the 'names' I'd given everyone. I had to keep going back to look for the names in former posts. Lame. This made me feel old and kind of dumb. Maybe it's just that I have so many kids. Whatever. So, this is who I am and these are the people I love. I hope they don't mind. If they do, well, when I do get rich I'll buy them a car. Or dinner. Or a really nice card. The feet pics will continue, because I like them.


  1. I like the feet pics too -- and I'd better get a nice card when you are rich -- at least telling me you are rich!:)
    Glad you like the strap.

  2. I noticed that on the last post and I wondered...but I always knew who you were anyway. =)
    And you can just send me an ecard when you get rich!


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