Eating Out is LOVE-ly

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook."-Julia Childs I LOVE eating out. It's fabulous. I mean, you could probably make the same thing at home. Ok, probably not, unless you're my sister. Ellen does make restaurant recipes, but she's a much better cook than me. But, making it at home really defeats the purpose, doesn't it? At home, no one comes and brings me a diet Coke (with lemon) and then asks what I'd like to eat. At home, I stand in front of the pantry and wonder what to cook. At a restaurant, I get to look at a lovely menu and wonder what to have someone else cook for me. Then, I get to sit across the table from my honey and bat my eyelashes at him. We play footsie under the table and we talk about world news. Hahahahaha. We talk about the kids, of course. What else? But, we get to do it while we eat yummy food that someone else has prepared. And, when I suck down my glass of diet Coke, they bring me another! Then, when I'm done with this lovely meal, someone asks me if I'd like dessert. Would I like dessert? Of course I would. I'm usually too stuffed to eat it, but at least I know it's an option. It's heavenly.

One of the benefits to being broke (what? there are benefits? well, not many) is that we don't go out often, it's pretty rare. So, when we do go out, I don't even look at the 'under 500 calorie/weight watcher/low fat/blah,blah,blah' page of the menu. I figure if I'm eating out this rarely, I can enjoy myself when I go. Bring me the 4000 calorie meal with the 2000 calorie apptetizer. I've earned it.


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